Sunday, October 29, 2006

5 books I would read a MILLION times over!

1. To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee

I read this book for the first time when I was 16! I still remember the rainy July mornings when I used to sit in the window of my 3rd floor apartment reading about Atticus Finch! I think Atticus Finch is one of the strongest characters literature has given us. And Scout reminds me of my own childhood so it was one of the most refreshing experiences. Harper Lee is remarkable when she gives us ugly truths in a child's easy and innocent perspective. I can never have enough of this book.

2. Illusions by Richard Bach

I liked this book because it is the shortest I have ever read, but it has matter that can make you write a hundred pages. I was turned towards philosophical books after I read this when I guess I was 17.I started reading more about God and Spirituality.

3. Three men in a boat by Jerome K Jerome

I know some of the pages of this book by heart. I know the page numbers where the funniest parts are printed. It is one of the funniest books ever. It makes you laugh out aloud ( and its kind of embarrassing if you are at an airport or in a train). It beats Wodehouse in the sense of comic timing. I always read it over when I am depressed or tired.

4. The God of Small Things by Arundhati roy

This book takes you everywhere the writer wants you to go. In swampy lands filled with water lilies and banana and coconut plantations. You can sense little brown girls running up and down wearing long skirts and leaving long hair open. The political background just adds to the enigma of this book. Arundhati Roy writes as though she doesnt care a crap who reads it but that makes it all the more irresistable. Its like a bus ride through humid south India. Its very close to my heart.

5. Vyakti ani Walli by Pu. La. Deshpande

This is my most favorite marathi novel. Its a collection of literary caricatures. Some outrageously funny that they bring tears to your eyes laughing..and some so serious that you cry out of sorrow. I like the serious one called "Nanda Pradhan" the most. Its the devastating story of a devastatingly handsome guy who crosses borders but retains the inherent lonliness he is born with and destined to. This book is a part of the contents of my hand bag everytime I have to travel. :)


RagingMars said...

I agree with 3 of those books. You were the one who gifted me my copy of To kill a mocking bird. I love 3 men in a boat and also vyakti and valli.
I haven't read illusions.
And sorry to say so but I HATED A god of small things. It somehow made me feel sick. I couldnt go beyond the first few pages..
But whatever happened to Gone with the wind and Fountainhead??

shirish said...

Yes I also like these books

shirish said...

In fact Richard Bach and Jerome K.Jerome is your gift to me.