Saturday, February 17, 2007

Poojashi bolta bolta type keleli Kavita!!:)

Purple Thoughts on Orange Pages
Thought before by unknown Sages
Golden Sunlight on a dimlit Bed
A little Blue With a little Red

How can I see beyond Tears?
How can I look behind Fears?
How do I know that at the end of this Night,
There waits a blanket of clear warm light!!

I see the Moon under the eclipsed Sky
Or the ambushed truth in a blatant Lie

I know the place where it all ends
where this lonely road gently bends
Where teardrops and Smiles come of age
On this, innocent, compassionate notebook page!


shirish said...

This is a very outwardly looking simple poem but in fact it speaks tons of philosophy.It is outwardly simple because it's birth is natural and spontanious.Simplicity is the most difficult aspect of any writing which you have both in your prose and poetry. I think you should also post your poems on this blog.
I liked "I see the Moon under the eclipsed sky or the ambushed truth in blatant lie." You have optimism and positivity in your writings which is importantant.Actually you have narrated how a poem is born starting with the thought process and ending with a note how it appears in black and white.

You need not fear or have tears as you have always with you a blanket of clear warm light.


jay said...

nehmi pooja shi bolat raha :) fantastic!

Saee said...

and thanks baba.. :)

RagingMars said...

(I'm at gunpoint for writing this comment)
But I dont need a gun at my head to say that this is a truly great poem!! ;)

neha said...
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neha said...

very optimistic attitude! i like that is that attitude which makes our life worth living.
i see moon under the eclipsed sky !!! wow ....everyone should do that . sahi ahe :)

Charu said...

simple verse, good metre, no pretentions. congratulations. :)