Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fitness Gyan.

Ms. Keskar’s Top Ten Fitness Tips

1.There is no substitute for cardiovascular exercise. =) And cardio is not just about the treadmill. It also includes taking the stairs whenever possible, not using your car for places that are two minutes walk away and long contemplative evening walks

2.The ideal and safe heart rate you should reach during cardio is (200-your age in years). It is counted as Beats Per Minute so when I am on the treadmill I try and reach around 177 BPM.

3.Good skin, great stamina and weight loss can all be achieved at the same time by drinking lots of water through out the day

4.A good workout should be supplemented by healthy food. The total intake of food that you take during a day works best if you take it in descending order of quantity starting with breakfast through dinner.

5.The reason why nature produces certain fruits in certain seasons is because we need them at that time! =) And it is mildly disappointing to know that most of the people I know do not include fruits in their diets at all!

6.Tomatoes contain lycopene, a long chained carotenoid that has outstanding anti-cancer properties. Also, tomatoes have a lot of potassium, which is good for people who work out everyday. Ironically the “Americans” choose to extract lycopene from tomatoes all over the world and turn in into capsules so that people can just have one capsule instead of a glass of fresh tomato juice or salad!

7.A great way to reduce your sugar intake is by buying tiny spoons. =P

8.Salads are one of the most creative ways of cooking and losing weight. You can assemble your salad using olive oil, mustard, mayonnaise or yogurt. You can slice the ingredients into dainty strips or thin circles. You can add citrus fruits instead of lemon. Pepper, Oregano or just red hot chilly. Or, if you are low on seratonin, you could make an egg or pasta salad! =)

9.Nuts are essential too, but not the ones that come with a bar of chocolate around them. =P
10.It is a good idea for all the women to include a glass of milk in their every day diet to avoid emotional discussions on osteoporosis when they turn 45.

Oh! And I almost forgot the cliché, A Positive Attitude along with all the above. Of course if you end up doing all of that you don’t have to work on the positive attitude at all!


RagingMars said...

hey! here's a looong comment for u!-
But point no. 1 is easier said than done :P
no. 2 is wat I also try.. but my stamina is my biggest enemy.
I COMPLETELY agree with point no. 3. So these days I carry a bottle of water with me wherever I go and I'm on the constant lookout for (clean) loos. ;)
I tried really hard for point 4. But I get so late for work everyday that I just cant manage that "have dinner like a king,lunch like a common man and dinner like a pauper" thing. And plus if I have dinner like a pauper,sleep becomes my biggest enemy... :|
Point no. 5 is true...and I am 'most of the people you kno' :P
POint no.6... I love tomato juice...provided someone else makes it for me ;)
point no 7.- unfortunately for me,sugar is all about 'taste' and not about 'measurements' :(
point no 8.- I love salads! especially the Subway ones :)
point no. 9- i like the other type of nuts ;) and Neha.. for u.. its 'pun intended' :)
point no. 10 I do drink milk... with 2 spoons of coffee and 2 spoons of sugar :P

Saee said...

Thank You!!
You only pick up my sense of humor!! And apply it at the wrong places. =|
but some of those points did crack me up big time. =)

Kaushal said...

hey thanks for ur comments on my blog and i like urs too - especially this post! thanks for the tips lady!