Sunday, March 16, 2008

Chemistry ;)

You and Me
Is just Chemistry
And love is a chemical too
So eat some bread for your seratonin
Next time you feel a little blue
When you think you have thought
A little too much
And you are looking for a place to flee
Try out an easier solution first
A fresh cup of tea!
What is future after all!
All that you want to do
Let it linger at the back of your mind
That dreams are molecules too!
Leftover opinions from the residues of past
The broken heart refuses to leave behind
When you give it a little Buddha thought
The Past and the Future are just in your mind!
You can sit back and sip coffee
Till the time memories and fears lurk
Beneath the shadows of your tired mind
You will know that opinions are just hard work!
And who are you after all?
A sub-atomic particle in this Universe
Oblivious and eager to change
But controlled securely by a nucleus :)


Shall said...

I always had d love for chemistry thou i was never sure if it was the valencies, acids, bases or salt...but tis lil poem of urs clearly d beautifully describes d co-relation of d subject d life.

cheers =)

Saee said...

@ Shall
Thanks .. :)

Endevourme said...

wondering why the title is shud be quantum mechanics hehe :D

शिरीष said...

Sai shall I I call you a chemist or Alchemist!(paulo Coehelo) You have mingled chemistry and philosophy in a perfect blend.

The best part is that this doesnt sound hard core philosophy. Ithas a lighter vein in the first half and then suddenly it becomes dammn serious and you even dont realise!

Keep it up!I am proud of you Sai!

sameer said...

well a smooth transition frm chemistry,biology,philosophy n ending wid chemistry again...well if thought practically dis pattern very much coincides wid the pattern in which people think in depression...
chemistry between people make them over think abt one another leading to upsurge of neurotactivators in the brain.. when people feel blue n have no clue...tired with the biochemistry within self ...brain thinks philosophically to make dem feel better,though transiently...n it is frm here if the person is positive n strong willed,will direct himself to the rght path n become physiological...n d one's who r weak,will soon get back to the old chemistry 2 become pathological n re-enter the rise 2 wat i cal,'circle of darkness'....wich tends to create its own gravity over the time...
phewww too heavy goshh...i think i need a coffee an a buddha thought...well for now purplemoon seems to have developed its own gravity with ur writings saee...luv ya :)

Saee said...

@ endevourme
Well..that is where I am going to go soon..where all the science merges into one. :)
@ baba
Thanks baba..
Paulo Coehlo will turn in his grave ( if he is buried that is) to hear that he is being compared to me. :)
@ Sameer
Thanks..yeah who can better explain the biochemistry than you?
Love you too. :)