Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Blogger's Block

I have been getting emails and phone calls from people because I have not posted anything new in a long time! I must accept that all the extra work that I have recently taken up has made my writing take a back seat and also whenever I really do get time, it is hard to get inspired. 
I think to be a good writer or a poet, you have to be either extremely rich ( complete with a butler who brings in meals while you write melancholy sonnets for a fictional lover) or extremely poor ( where words are a way to get distracted from a dwindling bank balance). When you are somewhere in the middle like me, life is full of little challenges but completely devoid of the one big struggle that makes you famous. 
I remember a story from my childhood. I was a really timid kid. I used to be scared of not completing my homework on time or even something as silly as a dance exam that I was not well prepared for. Before every exam I used to get nervous and paranoid. In one of my fits of unreasonable fears, my grandfather ( who is I guess the most well-read man in my life) recited a poem in Marathi
It was written by an apparently ambitious, young poet. In his poem, the poet was planning to turn the Earth over ( I really don't know what the point is in doing that since it is a sphere), bringing the Heaven on Earth ( I guess we could all do with this, but if we can get the same feeling in two beers what's the point again?) and he was going to stop the Chakra ( wheel)  of  Time to get what he wanted. My grandfather sang it in his glass-shattering voice trying to reinforce some confidence in me. It worked for a while and I calmed down. Then I asked him who this poet was. Ajoba narrated some of his other ( equally ambitious) poems and said that the poet should have lasted longer because he died at the age of twenty four from tuberculosis! 
I think that day I made up my mind about not writing anything that could turn out to be ironically funny after I die. 
Poetry is a complex molecule. It can only be synthesized under an intense emotional atmosphere. So my current lifestyle that comprises mostly of events like buying a second-hand fridge, finding a new flatmate, filing in an annual progress (?) report, making sure I have enough vegetables in my diet and teaching a reluctant student 'History of Life on Earth' is hardly conducive for poetry. 
I was never really a soap-opera person. So weaving intricate extra-marital affairs is also out of question. 
Humor however was always my domain but humor is like the Yoga of writing. 
Unless you breathe well and relax, you don't really get good at humor. It takes a lot of contemplation really to be able to bring out the funny side of life. 
So unless I relax, I don't think I will be able to get over this Bloggers's Block! =)


Anonymous said...

Hey! very equivocally expressed! Sometimes, I feel the same way as well!

शिरीष said...

Sai even with the blogger's block you have posted a nice article.
You have expressed yourself to the point.

Saee said...

@ Shruti
Thanks for the comments. =)
I hope I get out of it soon.
@ Baba
Hehe..glad you liked it! I hope it will keep you happy for a while now!

Nemo said...

Yes! nice post..
Inspiration is always important, but more important is ability to write well..so many times I had been inspired but just for the sheer lack of appropriate expressions/ language, I skipped the whole exercise...but for a gifted blogger/ writer like you, the case is different. :)

and yeah, even I was wondering why Saee isn't writing anything..

Saee said...

@ Nemo
Hehe..thanks for the compliments..I dont know if I really deserve it. Will come up with something new very soon. :)

RJ said...

best thing to do is ...well you know it coz u told me to do the same :) just get inspired.... or ahem steal inspiration :)