Friday, October 03, 2008

Happy Birthday PurpleMoon

It has been two years today!!

I hope it goes on.

Thank You all for the inspiration!



शिरीष said...

Happy Birthday to You,Happy Birthday to You,Happy Birthday Dear Purple Moon Happy Birthday To You!
Tum Jiyo Hajaro Saal Aur Saal Ke Din Ho Pachas Hajar!

Dear Sai Purple Moon is now two years old! This amazing post of yours has brought absolutely JOY in our lives. We your fans look anxiously towards the new posts.I remember the earlier once on Aaai & Dr. catching train, Robin, My two brave Aajis and to be frank every one article you posted through Purple Moon.
I am proud that you are my daughter! You will be a scintist and work on complicated problems of dissolution of lignin and all but you have already become a writer who brings happiness in our lives. Sai I promise you today on the birthday of Purple Moon that you will be known to the world as a writer first followed by your scintific world!
I wish you and your two year kid Purple Moon a succussesful future!

Saee said...

@ baba
Hehe..thanks a lot!! I hope it all comes true. :)
I am equally proud of you baba! It is because of people like you and ajji that I began reading and eventually ventured into writing. I should thank my parents and my childhood if I ever become well known and even if I don't! :)

Raj said...

Happy Birthday! Keep it up! :)

Eeshwari Bollapragada said...

Happy budday!!!! Tula khoooop khooop shubecha!! ani ata chala lavkar lavkar cake kapa! :D

Love this blog too much! Keep going!

intendo said...

yey! happy birthday pMoon!

Endevourme said...

hehe congra8s :D!!
keep writing,

*Shall* said...

Happy burday to purplemoon d to the wonderful lil head (on a beautiful face)that created this addiction! :)

Jeeyo meri jaan!

Saee said...

Raj, Sukhbir, Prasad and My deaaah lovely shaleen
Thanks a lot for your wishes. :)
PurpleMoon is very happy!! =) ;)

Saee said...

Oops..thanks Eeshwari!!
Keep visiting!

RJ said...

Belated Happy bday Purple Moon

Saee said...

@ ranjeet
Thanks.. :)