Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Journey of a Book :)

I was inspired to write this because of something I read on Vishnupriya's blog. I am not doing much these days (that must be obvious from the frequency of my blogs), so I spend time blog-browsing. Jumping from one blog-roll to another. :)
Well, this post reminds me of the journey of my favorite book. I refrain from writing about my personal life in my blog but I guess I am in a time and place in my life where I could, at least once afford that luxury!

"To Kill a Mocking Bird" is by far one of my most favorite books. I read it first when I was seventeen and I vividly remember sitting in the balcony of my third floor apartment in Pune, overlooking a really boring street below, reading that book. It was a gift from someone. It came all the way from Lausanne, Switzerland. Actually, now that I think of it, it came from from a credit card payment made in Switzerland. :) So let us say that it actually came from America. It was the first time ever in my life that I started getting gifts because I was "charming". :) I guess that was also one of the reasons why I liked that book so much.
I became the official spokes model for that book since that time. I gave it out as gifts to all my friends and the friendship that really made me read that book came to an end almost right after I read it! I even found myself getting angry at that book, but I couldn't. I read it about three times before I finally put it into the cupboard that showed off my reading!

A few years later, I got the opportunity to introduce another friend to it and it travelled all the way to Germany, I guess. I had a few good coffees after it came back to India but I just kept having coffees without getting the book back! :)
Then it was time for my friend to pack up and go away and in the last minute frenzy, my book was overlooked. Once again I turned into a grumpy old woman and just before I left for Australia my best friend got me a copy of the same book just to cheer me up! :)

I forgot all about it when I arrived here and dutifully immersed myself in a lot of article-reading. Then on my 25th birthday, I got a package that came all the way from America (again!) that contained a birthday card and my lost book! I think that kind of completed a full circle for the poor book which is I think almost ten years old now!
It sits on the shelf on my desk. Not as shiny as it looked before, but definitely full of character!
I think my copy of "To Kill a Mocking Bird" has been to more places than I have been to! I wonder what it would say if it could talk.
It would probably say in its old and shaky voice, "Sometimes, excuses make better reasons! I am one of them. "

I was very possessive about my books when I was in India. So much so that I even had fights with my dad over them but these days, I would be glad to give out all my books (except my Calvin and Hobbes) to whoever wants to read them. I think my copy of Mocking Bird taught me to be generous. :) Because there is a greater joy in meeting again after even the tiniest hope of meeting is lost. There is a bigger happiness in getting a fat fed-ex package from the other side of the world for something as stupid as a borrowed book. :)
It silently reinforces many beliefs that age and immaturity keep us away from!

Cheers to my book and for all the circumstances that made me write this post!


शिरीष said...

I still remember your identification with the little girl's character in this book.I thanked you the other day for reffering me good books.This book is one of them.

But what I liked about your post is looking at this incident from a different point of view. A more matured point of view.You do not show any scars but even today the tenderness of the gift is felt without any involvement. This is great!

Nemo said...

I started reading this book, but for some reason, didn't finish it. Let me try that again..If I am right, you had mentioned abt this book in one of your earlier posts..It sure is your all-time favorite! :) I remember reading "Life of Pi" because you had written about it on your blog..fabulous read!:)

One of my favorites is Sean Covey's "7 habits of highly effective teens"...unlike other self-help books, I found the examples and analogies very relevant. And yes, I read it when I was a teen..

Saee said...

@ Baba Thanks for the comment. =)
You will find a much more mature saee on Sunday. :D
@ Nemo
hehe..thanks..yeah give it a go..and read it like you are a kid. You'll love it! 'Cheers

Raj said...

cool, it's one of my fav books. Have you seen the movie? Its as good as the book, moves me to tears every time i see it. (yes i dont belive in 'boys don't kind of garbage!)

Saee said...

@ raj
I haven't watched the movie but I have heard a lot about it. Would give it a go!!

Kaustubh said...

I have read the book and even seen the movie. It was nice,but it wasn't very impressive somehow. Perhaps, I should read it again. :)

I think,you would like to read this post on Dhananjay's blog.