Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Every Monday comes with a silent sadness. Pushing a spoonful of soggy cereal into your mouth at 6:30 AM. Wishing that your existence were a dream hitting against the shore of your Saturday morning eyes. You find yourself fighting with the same sorrows that you battled with last Monday morning and yet they seem so fresh! Like somebody's beautiful, everlasting wife. You know it is going to get better. That something called "time" makes everything better. That even if you waffle and float through the Tuesday and Thursday and turn yourself into a door-knob (or a door-mat for a dash of extra pity) Friday will arrive and lead you to your well-deserved (who cares if they really are!) beers. Most women tie their hair into a tight bun on Monday mornings and let them down on Friday nights. Most men are seen wearing silver cuff-links on Monday mornings and rolling up their sleeves on Friday nights. It is all a perfect circle. We all wait at the gates of the Monday-Moksha on Sunday nights and almost all of us are born again on Monday mornings. Little babies walking in stockings and stilettos. Wearing mascara on the train.

Yet there are those few annoying ones. Who never seem to look like they hate their Mondays! You would find them tapping their leather-clad feet to the tune in their ears. Or drinking lemon juice on a Yoga mat on a bright Monday morning. They would never feel depressed on Sunday nights or even excessively ecstatic on Friday afternoons. You like them first and try to get inspired but then it is too hard. Then you wonder how they do it. Analyze and conclude that it is impossible to be so happy on a Monday morning. Then you label them abnormal and think that it is just right to be absolutely miserable on a Monday morning. Mostly because most of your friends on the train agree with you. It is just impossible to avoid the weekly circle that brings you to a Monday reincarnation.

Maybe those really happy ones would get tired one day and join the club. And you would get to say,"See! We were tellin ya! It aint so easy buddy"!

But it would never happen. =) Because once you attain your Monday-Moksha, you are free! Free from weekly rebirths. Just because you break the perfect circle.


Raj said...

So true. I hate mondays as a rule. Just the last one, I was somehow cheerful and it felt good :-) Maybe you can give it a try!

Saee said...

haha..Raj..actually I am in the second group. People get annoyed because I never complain. :)

RJ said...

Hi Saee...gonna leave out the "usual praise" I shower :) and get to the basics. Nice one ....again...

I have found out though, that it is much better to have something to do...no matter how lethargic you feel or how unbelievably strong is the inertia ....something to do...is good. Now its a job...so it comes with some more inertia...but its nice to wake up...say..this is gonna be my day/week...and I am gonna own it. I am sure...you would do so..munching on your cereal hey?

Saee said...

@ Ranjeet
Yeah..I love that attitude too. Of owning the week. :)
And somehow I am most likely to do Pranayam and Yoga on an early Monday morning. =)
Unfortunately I am just not as inspired to do it all through the week.
But I agree. There is nothing like starting a brand new Monday on a treadmill.
How is job?

शिरीष said...

Hi Sai
Sorry I am appearing after a long time on your blog post.

Before reading this I read your letter to Aajji and was aware of your concept of reincarnation.

Your letter was too good and the concept fantastic.

Monday blues is a very special thing!

Pipa said...

sounds like a funky song title!

When you have the time/inclination read this book review featuring your aunt Dr M N.

Don't wait too long or it may disappear behind a pay wall:

Saee said...

@ Pipa
Thanks for the link. :)
Good work.