Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Reader

I watched this movie starring Kate Winslet this weekend and I was moved, perhaps after a very long time. It is about a middle aged Nazi guard (Kate) who ends up having a very short affair with a fifteen year old boy. She is square, rough and almost insensitive under normal circumstances and he is romantic and well read. In between the time they spend together, she makes him read to her because she is illiterate. The story unfolds into an unexpected plot (which I am not going to reveal here) and circumstances bring them face to face at a later stage. She is a wasted old woman and he is a tired middle aged man. However even though the story starts with a steamy love affair, it brews itself into a situation that all bibliophiles out there would appreciate with all their heart!
The beauty of this movie is not just in the story but also in the way it is made. Her acting never lets you come to a point where you can label her actions as right or wrong and in her square, illiterate, impatient and insensitive way, she manages to make you admire her even though the story demands the exact opposite from you. She has been rightfully rewarded with an Academy award today. :)
There is a radius of conditioning around all of us. Within that radius, we learn to call something right or wrong. Moral or immoral. Fair and unfair. Laws sometimes take care of all our myopic concerns in great details but they do not necessarily lead to justice all the time. Beyond that radius which varies country to country and culture to culture, there is a vast expanse of individual volition. Where all laws and regulations seem insufficient. This movie takes you to that realm of thought. 
I would really like everyone to watch it! =)
PS: Raj I hope this makes you happy. :)


Raj said...

Please add something more. what kind of movie is it? why did you like it?
(I sound as if I am interviweing you :P)

Saee said...

@ Raj
Oh I was really bored yesterday but I wanted to make people getu p and hit the cinemas asap.:)
I will add more today/tomorrow.

Raj said...

very nice review. Thanks Saee. Yes it made me happy. :)

Anonymous said...

Great. I have put it up on my Netflix queue right away...although its not yet available :(

Anyway seems like a good movie after a long time...

- Ajay

Pipa said...

I saw the trailer and thought maybe I am never going to watch this but now I think I will,


शिरीष said...

Nice review! Moral& immoral are relative terms moral is there because immoral exists.It is importantant how you look at it at that situation!

Saee said...

@ Ajay ..
You should also visit pipa's blog.
She has a really good collection of various articles on different subjects. Quite unique. And her latest one is about things you might be interested in.
@ Pipa
You should really give this movie a go. :) Thanks for trusting my judgement so much!!
I don't know if it has released in India but you and aai should both watch it.:)
Thanks everyone for the comments!!

mangesh said...

Your review of Reader has impressed me and I may even see it soon. But what about that overpublicized Slumdog? It doesn't deserve the Oscars as per a number of critics. What do you say?

Saee said...

@ mangesh
I liked Slumdog! I is art so you cannot really set down parameters for the perfect oscar movie. I liked it because it has a nice message. And the music is awesome.

mannab said...

Today,I watched this movie The Reader and enjoyed the story till the end. The movie was bit slow and the end was too dramatic. It deserved the Oscar award. Thanks for your blog which made me to go to the minimax which I hardly visit in this crowded Mumbai city.
Mangesh Nabar

Saee said...

Hey Mangesh
Thanks a lot. I am glad that my blog helped you to reach this nice movie. :)
Keep writing!