Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Incurable Nerd

I recently installed a website traffic tracking widget on two of  my blogs. It was amusing to see how many "flags" I got in a day. More than that, I actually knew who it was! So thrilled I was to see this happening that I started hitting my own page every half an hour. When I left I used to leave the "Australian" flag on my site confirming that I am the geek who goes back to her own website again and again. I tried the traditional way first. I used to immerse myself in lab work and forget that I even have a blog. Then at the end of a long, well-utilized day, I would check the "traffic" on my website. However, as everyone knows you can only have (at the most) three well utilized days a week. Anymore utilization beyond that and my head starts buzzing and I feel that the whole Universe is closing in on me. 
I confided about this recent anomaly in my behaviour to a very good friend and he said that he could give me any flag I wished to have on my website that very moment. My first demand was Paris and I got it in two minutes. Then I made up my mind about Colombo. I got it before I could remember what the Srilankan flag looked like! 
My friend stopped pretending to be a magician and told me that I could change my own location by using the "options" on the widget. That was enough.
In the past two hours I have been to Switzerland, Zambia and Kazakhstan!! So whenever I have nothing better to do, I change the country on my traffic widget and visit my own blog. So if anyone of you notices weird countries on my page you know who that is!! :)
I don't know what the point of this post is. I think it vaguely expresses the joy I feel in having this new nothing to do. Or maybe I am really ashamed of the sheer childishness of my actions and want to make up by owning up. Or maybe I am just losing it as a writer (if I ever had it that is) and using this space to write things that do not make sense. 
In any case, as all of you get busy writing me off as a blogger, I would like to go to Mozambique. 

PS: Please do not change your locations. That would really make my widget useless :(


Nikhil K said...

I would be proud of 3 utilized days a week. Probably a PhD requires less than a utilized year :)

Len said...

I am so, so, so glad to hear that. Because I thought that if I didn't utilize 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, I suck big time!

Saee said...

@ Nikhil
Yah thats probably true. Sometimes I wonder if the other things I do are the motivation to work or is it just an escape? :( But at least I physically wake up and go to work at 7!!
@ Len
You can take your body to work for that much time but it is very difficult to keep your mind inside all that while. If anyone does it, I am ready to pay him to teach me. :D

Charudatta Galande said...

Just read this. :D

Meghana Bhuskute said...

Too good!!!!

Random Thoughts said...

I have that sort of widget on my blog too. I do feel excited when I see different flags and a little disappointed when it is just flower mound USA :(
Then I tell myself over and over that I write the blog to just vent/express and empty my mind(if there is ever any such thing)
Now I can do the same trick of changing my location and get some instant satisfaction:)