Thursday, July 09, 2009

Conversations with the Cat

My neighbour's cat is now "our" cat. My flatmate and I have a joint account in loving the fluffy, grey cat that lives with us now. I am a complete cat person.
A man-dog relationship has moments where the dog could say, " What! You come home, I wag my tail and you don't even care! You are always worried about your boss or your wife. When are you going to stop treating me like a doormat!!"
In a man-cat relationship however the basis of any interaction is where the cat says, "Listen up smart guy. If you don't care I don't care either. In fact you should not expect me to care even when you care, okay? I care when I want to care."
This cat is extremely selfish. She has an open order of preference for the two of us. So when Danielle is at home, Ms.Cat would walk all over me and not notice me. When Danielle is at work and I am home she has to get along. So sometimes we have the following conversation.
Cat: Meow!
I open the fridge and pour out a whole mug of milk just for myself.
Cat: (Rubbing herself all over the couch and my legs) Meeeeow! *batting eyelashes*
Me: I get it! What do you want? Food?
As I walk towards her bowl she gurgles a meow in her throat that sounds like a cat relief from a sore throat. She puts her entire head into the bowl before I can put any food in it. So I have to wait for common sense to dawn on her before I let her eat anything.
After eating she comes back to the couch and stares at me with a face that seems to say,
Cat: Can I cuddle with you now for a bit?
Me: Now that you don't have Danielle you are just using me aren't you?
Cat: Yes. Is that wrong? Never mind. Can I jump on now and sit in your lap?
Me: Ah well. I don't have much of a choice do I?
Cat: (Jumps on) No.
Then she starts purring and it seems to resonate with my heartbeats. When she is sitting on your lap you cannot even go to the bathroom without upsetting her and getting an ungrateful hiss when you try to pick her up.
Some nights she sneaks into my room if I have left the door ajar and sits on my stomach as I sleep, directly looking at my face. It takes me a while to realize that there is about four or five kilos extra weight on the quilt. Then I pull my conscience out of the dream (in which I am usually extinguishing fires I made in the lab or dying) and when I open my eyes, I look straight into the two green gooseberries that seem to shine in the dark. This is what is really unfortunate about being me. You wake up from a nightmare to get the scare of your life with a fat cat sitting on your stomach staring at you!
She can take all the liberties she wants but if you turn excessively cuddly and try to give her a tummy rub, she would not hesitate to bite you. Even if you were the one who fed her about twenty seconds ago. Most of the times, they do not love you. They are just using you. However on those rare occasions when they elevate you to the next level and express their love by licking you with their sandpapery tongue, the feeling is priceless. It is like finding true love in a real world.
Some days she brings a dead rat and leaves it right outside the door as a "present" for us. Some days she just lies with her belly up surrendering herself to me. Some days she sits in the sun curled up into a grey ball while I am rushing out of the house, making me realize the futility of all my efforts.
There is no loyalty. There is no guarantee that you will be together for as long as the creature lives. There is also a fear that just the way she migrated from next door and moved in with you, she would find someone better again. However, every day as I get down from the bus thinking about a whole heap of other thoughts and find her waiting outside to be let in, I secretly thank God that we are still together!
I guess that is why I am a cat person. :)


intendo said...

"This is what is really unfortunate about being me. You wake up from a nightmare to get the scare of your life with a fat cat sitting on your stomach staring at you" --

ha ha... hillarious :)

Bipin said...


AJ said...

This is amazingly well-written!

I felt something inside me. And I am NOT a cat person!

- Ajay

Saee said...

@ Sukhbir, Bipin and Ajay.
Thanks for the comments. I am planning to take a picture of her and upload on this post. Somehow she has gone wandering today. :|

Eeshwari said...

I jus loved this blog post!!!! Its touching in the last two sentences and I am proud to be a cat person myself!! :)


शिरीष said...

सई मस्तच लिहले आहेस!
तू खरोखरच "मार्जार प्रेमिका"(cat person)आहेस.म्हणूनच तु व आई एकमेकीला नेहमी म्याउ म्याउ करून हाक मारता.

तूझ ते पिवळ इरीटेटींग मांजर आमच्याशी असच नेहमी उर्मटासारख बोलत. ब-राचवेळा स्वयपाकघ्रराच्या खिडकीपाशी येऊन ते आम्हाला म्हणत" कसले चिंगूस आहात तूम्ही! घ्ररात दिड-दोन लीटर दूध घेता पण साध बशीभर दुध मला देता येत नाही तूम्हाला."

मला रस्त्यात कूठही व कसलही मांजर (अगदी मरतूकड) दिसल कि तूझ्या "कित्ती गोड" या वाक्याची आठवण होते.

Saee said...

@ Eeshwari
Thanks a lot. :)
@ Baba
Come on! That cat is NOT irritating. You should come and see the one here if you think that is irritating.
Australian cats come with their own fancy problems. Our cat is lactose intolerant. So we cannot give her the milk that we drink at home. So Danielle brings a pack of freakishly expensive cat milk for her.
I prefer the robust and rugged cats in India that can take any kind of treatment and still be just as arrogant. :)

RJ said...

I never got the fascination with comparing 'chic' girls to cats...or the age old term 'cat fight'. I guess in a way..the languid ... arrogance and yet graceful existence of cats in not unlike that of my female counterparts. A few names come to mind straight away :). I don't like cats...not the four legged ones anyways :)...

Nice one !

Madhura said...

I'm totally a cat person! :)
and i love them for their selfishness.

Meera Rao said...

beautifully written ! And I might just be a cat person since reading this :)