Sunday, August 02, 2009


Recently I have been sleep deprived for two reasons. The first being my obsessive compulsive habit of getting up early and the second, my dreams. Sometimes I think when I sleep, my sleeping body is haunted by the ghost of some long dead script writer. I dream a perfect sequence of logical events. Moreover I remember it all in the morning and I am worried how much of a story it really is!!
In my latest dream, I dreamt that my grandparent's had installed an escalator in their house so that they don't have to climb a narrow flight of stairs. However, when I tried to operate it it got knotted up and turned into an electromagnet that went out of control. Soon, the neighbour's cars were all seen stuck to the escalator. While this was playing in my head one part of my mind was busy thinking whether an escalator could really turn into an electromagnet.
In another one of the recent ones, I dreamt that I wanted to get my nose pierced. I went into this really busy "Indian Market" nearby that had a piercing place run by Indian women that looked like witches. I asked how much they charged for a nose pierce. They said that they would pierce it and wait for two weeks for me to get a blood test. If I am infected, they would not charge me any money!! Very kind of them I presume. At least I would be happy about a free piercing job just before I die of AIDS!!
About two weeks ago, I dreamt that I was going to die in two days. It was a Friday in my dream and I was living with this old Aussie couple. They told me that the cemetery is closed over the weekend and because I would be dying on a Sunday, they did not want to keep me in the house till it opened again! So the good old chap insisted that they take me to the cemetery and bury me on the Friday itself to get it out of the way! Since I was going to die anyway, I might as well die in my own coffin! While all this was happening in my dream, I was constantly wondering if I should be buried or cremated. Finally I felt sad for the old couple and agreed to get myself buried before I die. When we reached the cemetery however, I got "checked" for the "symptoms of death" by a doctor who told me I was not going to die for a long time to come. The Aussie old man then refused to take me back in his car as he had not "prepared" himself  for the eventuality that I live. So I had to hitch-hike my way back to Brisbane. 
All of this could suggest that I am stressed. What amuses me however is the detail of thought that goes into it. How can a sleeping mind make up things like that? Although I often wake up tired from these kind of dreams, it is also very hard to control them especially when they have such macabre humor attached to them.
I slept like a log on Saturday night and woke up Sunday morning after thirteen hours of non-stop sleep. I must thank Hypnos and maybe pray that Morpheus takes over less often. :)


Jack the Ripper said...

before xp, windows OS reqd. refragmentation to be triggered manually. when triggered, the data on harddisk is reorganised. Rougly this was done by taking a chunk of memory from hard disk into RAM, analyse it and put it back on hard disk.
Now theres a theory that when we r in deep sleep our brain starts reorganising our memory by taking chunks of long term memory into a temp location and putting it back. While doing this sometimes a snapshot(or an mpeg clip) of memory in temp location is also stored back and we remember it as dreams the foll. morning. I suggest you upgrade OS of your brain. :) :) :)

Saee said...

@ Jack the Ripper
Haha, Maybe, :D
When I figure out how to do that. These days, I just have a bit of lavender in my room to help me sleep well.
Thanks for the comments!!

yashmahendra said...

OMG! You have some imagination! Why don't you start penning your dreams down! I'm sure you'll come up with a bestseller! :D
Got to your blog through Gayatri Natu Will follow it now.

*Shall* said...

It's good to be back here. I sure missed it. Will try to behave now..hehehe...oh and i absolutely cracked up on the dying dream- too funny!