Wednesday, September 22, 2010

PurpleMoon's on a break!

PurpleMoon turns four this October. However, this year it is going to get the gift of complete silence, at least for a year. I have been contemplating a break for a long time. However, the proximity of a medium to express your thoughts and the eagerness to do it right away, has always interfered with that resolve. Since I grew up with increasingly sophisticated technology at my finger tips every year, I am curious to know whether I can hold my thoughts back and ruminate on them a bit. It is going to be just as difficult as it was in school when I was asked not to talk. Sometimes, when no one mentioned not talking, I would be quite for hours at a stretch. However, as soon as someone told me not to, I would get this obsessive compulsive urge to say something.
I think it is going to be an interesting experiment. :)
Thanks for being with PurpleMoon!!
I will see you next year, hopefully.


Len said...


intendo said...

NOoooo !!

I thought that was one of the best things about your blog - none of your posts appeared to be 'the result of a compulsive urge to say something' and infact, were always well articulated and gave the impression that they had been thought through.

I hope you consider changing your mind about this :)

Saee said...

@ Sukhbir..
aww thanks. :)

I am sure I will miss it in less than a year. So when I absolutely have to write, I will come back. :)
But I am not taking a break from publishing poetry.


Abhijit Bhave said...

PurpleMoon's on a break. and hope you are on a break too.

Which means we will have even blue,Yellow,Orange moons when you come back...!!


Saee said...

No, unfortunately I am not on a break. :( I am working super hard. That is also the reason for this break.
Yellow Moon is a nice song. Do listen to it if you can..:)

Eeshwari said...

No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is bad!!! :(

Alien said...

Good .. sometimes the silence just makes the urge stronger, the instinct sharper and the perspective fresher..

Good luck..