Monday, August 08, 2011

In my kitchen..

In my kitchen, no two coffee mugs
Would look alike..
Earthy ceramics, shiny metal and pretty polka dots
Would grace the shelves hand in hand, side by side.
Just like the people in my life.

No two plates would carry the burden of staying together
Until an exhausted late night crash makes them part
They would all come in a group that is together
Because each one of them is unique and beautiful..
Not because they have to maintain the harmony
Of  subtly dictated artistic uniformity.

Between cups of chai, green tea
And awful American coffee,
And bites of tikka masala, apple pie,
Pumpkin soup and spaghetti
My kitchen would quietly celebrate
My life and its diversity.

The doorbell will ring; the oven will sing
The yellow lights shall stay on till late,
And despite the fragility of too much diversity,
In my kitchen, no one will fret over a broken plate.


Random Thoughts said...

Its been so long since I visited any of my favorite blogs. LOVED the poem. Feel like I should print it and hang it in my kitchen.

Saee said...

Thank you Dhanashri. :)

Abhijit Bhave said...

and yes, Miss poet.when you come to Bangalore.. let me know. Will make you read your poems at a very nice place where they have poetry reading on Tuesdays !! :-)

Voila !!

SK said...

very interesting... loved the way you have made the comparison between the things. Also I read some of your other blogs and liked them all :) specially "Mirrors".. very realistic

Some around me, may also have
Their own two mirrors to look into..
And the rest may choose to see..
Their image as the only reality!

keep publishing such an awesome stuff !

SK said...

very nicely written ! Also i read some of your other blogs and just liked them a lot..specially "Mirrors" ! It has a very realistic touch..

Keep publishing such an awesome stuff


Chaitra said...

You are the master of metaphor!!!
Will hang this one too...