Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Gym Prayer. ;) ( To be sung before every workout)

O Mighty God of Fitness!!
With thy chiseled abs and sinewy arms,
You make the Arnolds and the Angelinas
You control the BMR of bodies fighting to keep fit
You give us the inspiration to stay away from Junk Food
You make us get up at Godly hours to hit the Gym
You make us give up Dinners in order to stay slim
You make us believe that someday we will lose the flab
You make us hope against hope that one day we’ll wear that spaghetti strap!
You are the driving force behind Nike and Adidas
You are every deep breath that goes inside us in the Yoga Class.
We offer you the honest sweat that trickles down our tired brow,
We offer you the denial through which we make ourselves Go
With all due respect to your consideration
With sincere gratitude for what I’ve already Got,
But tell me buddy, just once and for all,
When do I become the object of your Thought??!!