Wednesday, November 29, 2006

November Rain :)

On damp rainy day like this, I’d rather stay home.
Roam around in my pajamas wearing white fluffy socks
I’d love to have a sip of coffee now and then,
And read a book that sounds like an extended verse.
I’d watch TV when I get bored or just call up a friend
Who knows me from a long ago and who has shared a million laughs with me!
I’d switch off my cell-phone along with the fraction of mind
That worries about office and work..
I wont bother if they use my desk to keep their dirty coffee mugs
I won’t worry about people calling office to ask me random questions
I wont bother about someone wishing that I hadn’t taken an off!
I would cook my lunch looking up the recipe
On an exotic Mexican culinary website
And I would run out of the house twice or thrice
To buy the ingredients of my lunch!
I’d doze off with the book on my face
And suddenly wake up by teatime
I’d put some cardamom and a tinge of sugar
To get my perfect masala chai!!
Early evening will take me out
For a brisk walk in the neighborhood
I would smell the trees that look like
They have just had a refreshing bath!!
I wish I could do things like these
On an eccentric rainy day in November,
My mind says it all but my feet get in the car
And drive me to the same hurry of work
I don’t feel sorry, for everyone’s tied
To what they should and would like to do
But I am just glad that at least my mind
Can stay back at home and have some fun!


Rohit said...

Have you listened to November rain?? Its a very sad and touchy song. You've added another dimension to it.

Nice rhyme style: ABXCMGNT etc... :)

shirish said...

Padgaonkaranchya "Mazya manat ek jipsy aahe dadoon chi aathavan zali.

Koopach Chan kavita aahe