Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Movie Review : Happy Feet

This is a story of a Penguin without a soul song.
Mumble Happy Feet is the one who cannot sing in tune and is looked upon as a great misfit in the community of Penguins as they find soul mates by singing to each other.
But it is not his lack of singing that makes him out of place, but his added talent of tap dancing that makes him weird.

There are fireworks in the music department. With everything from Elvis to Fusion and Jazz.The movie takes you from those helpless "Awwww so cute" sighs to sitting at the edge of your chair when an obnoxious shark chases the hero through frozen oceans.
You also realize that Nicole Kidman has a very pretty voice as well,something that fails to register when you see her onscreen!!
I was especially amused by some of the lines in the movie, like the one where they tell him," You have done everything that was penguinely possible" :)
The animation is fantastic. It gets you into that cold, chilly, icy mode.Some of the underwater acrobatics are mind blowing.It turns everyone in the movie theatre into a five year old kid with eyes wide open. :)
Robin Williams is inimitable. I have never seen anyone personify a cartoon character more efficiently!!

The movie has some serious messages, one of which is the indiscriminate use of natural resources by human beings that is leading to an imbalance in the ecosystem.
Perhaps, no one could have conveyed this better than a lonely Penguin.
We don't have to belong. When we believe in what we have, people want to belong to us.
It is an outright noble movie, that makes us realize that courage and the urge to do something good and honest are the only "cool" things to do. As it reaches out to so many kids the world over, I hope that it leaves a great impact on their uncorrupted and Happy Minds.
Refreshing and Intelligent this movie makes us reach out for the lonely Penguins within and feel okay!! :)
Somewhere as we flow with it, we find ourselves tapping our own Happy Feet!!


jay said...

perfect length! :) i can read it during office hours too ;) i think i should watch this movie...i have caught a fancy for penguins after watching MADAGASCAR.

Pooja said...

cute description of a cute movie

RagingMars said...

this is for Jay... The penguins in Happy Feet are much cuter than the penguins in Madagascar! So u really got to watch the movie! :)