Saturday, December 30, 2006

My Three Best Friends :)

From Left, Pooja Ameya and Neha..

She is a simple linear equation. What you see is what you get. She is the same, be it in Anger Love or against injustice. She was a math scholar in school, which has made her grow up with a rather innocent assumption that 2+2 is always 4. :) You can read her mind and sense what she is thinking accross the table. Fiercely protective about the people she loves, she turns into this tigress when someone offends her close buddies. Her feelings are not like tinkling silver or glittering gold, they are all iron ore; as strong and solid. She will cry with you when you are upset. You can see the Child in her when she is around her mum, the woman in her when she is around her Fiance, and the Man in her when she drives a car!! She is this triform yet immensely resolvable person you'd always like to be around!

She is the Diva. She could have been anything from an actress to a politician. Extremely charming, she has a severe sense of what is fair and unfair. She gets raging mad even at the hint of injustice and will not hesistate to discipline anyone including bus-conductors and rikshawalas. She loses herself in friendship a rare quality that people usually reserve for Love. She can be the MOST loyal friend you ever had. Amazingly patient about typing long messages she makes a point to have an opinion about everything. She has this special coffee-making ritual and can resurrect any "Hung-over" by her coffee. I think she can even think my thoughts so I am a bit wary when I think around her. She will never give up, somehow I always picture her standing on this cliff with her hair open and looking at the horizon. She is a free spirit.
Who will stand by you, sometimes scold you and at others laugh at you even when you are depressed. She is my alter-ego.

If we are the Reds and the Saffrons of the Palette, Neha would be the pastels..
Feminine and creative, I remember her painting coffee-mugs, t-shirts and walls even as a child. Crazy about cats ( we share this passion). You will never see her banging her fists in rage or walking out on you, furious and dishevelled. She'd probably be found sitting on a couch sobbing away to glory with a pack of tissues. She makes up for the Martian traits in the group.
A self confessed foodie ( and to our dismay with no effect on her waistline) she is the only one who has a "hearty meal" every time we go out. As we laugh out loud and get lost Neha stands safely apart and watches the fun. Cautious and sometimes calculative sometimes she entertains us by her eternal confusions. :)

I owe my happiness to them.
If we ever make a play, I guess I will write ( if they can afford me that is), Ameya will act, Neha will paint her face and Pooja will be our inhouse critic ( who would later prove to be more fastidious than the real ones)

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jay said...

happy new year saee!! :)

shirish said...

Perfect description!I have been watching you all for last several years and what you have said is the reality.

Rohit said...

Hey, thats such a nice gift for close friends for the new year!!
I can vouch for everything written for Pooja :). Simple linear equation with non-complex coefficients admitting a unique solution. haha..
I also got to know Ameya better thru this. Havent really interacted with her in years!
Liked the opening line for Neha and how you brought about her persona.

Being so eloquent and always trying to appreciate subtlety, you should really try wine tasting and gourmet foods.

RagingMars said...

wow!! THE perfect description. We have been watchin each other for years... But this kind of description can come only from YOU... Your ability to put all of us into such wonderful words (and your ability to overlook our negative traits! ;)) is mind boggling!!Way to go!!
What you say about Neha and Pooja is so true!
And this is also something that has made me rediscover myself... ;)If I'm really like how u describe me ;),its some piece I can read when I'm depressed and feel better abt myself...! :)
A really amazing description!!
And as Rohit Dada said,its really a great new year gift!! :D

Pooja said...

Hey, wonderful gift to all of us and as u said really a toast to our frienship :).....It was an exact description of all of us.....I wish we could write something like that for you....but no one can describe it the way you did.....It was a wonderful new year's gift.....thanks buddy :) ya...

RagingMars said...

yeah pooja.... although we would love to,we can't write all that for Saee... So we r lucky,you see!!! Saee is unlucky to have such 'literarily lousy' friends!! ;) hahaha!! :P

Saee said...

@ Ragingmars aka Ameya..
I wrote that to inspire all the three of you to use whatever literary skills you have and write about me. I never realized you are so complacent about your skills. :P

neha said...

hmm i was a bit late n lazy too to post a comment . seriously if any one of us tries to describe you i dont think we can do justice to your multi faceted personality ...
i love reading that blog again n again ....
and think how lucky i am to have such 3 wonderful people around me !