Saturday, March 24, 2007

Going NowHere

There are places in our own minds where we have never gone before.
A little higher up, beyond the elevations that lead to our Egos.
Places that let us stay only for a while, but take us closer to God.

Maybe we were there as children, unknowingly
Or after those moments of extreme despair
When the heart starts beating again.
Or in those moments of helpless laughter
That brings tears to our eyes
Mercurial places, Filled with Joy and Nowhereness.

Like the gap between two thoughts
Like the headache that comes with the first bite of ice-cream
Like waking up in the middle of night
And finding the Moon staring at us.
Like a long long train journey
On an unreserved seat by the open window
Like using all the theatre in our blood
To get a few kids wide eyed during a ghost story

We always stumble upon them,
And then we want to stay
But then Anger and Ambition take over
And the I takes us away.


jay said...

saee! this is painting done with words!! great! :D

thecompletehalf said...

one of ur best..... simple, lucid and VERY effective....... :)

shirish said...

The cocept of Going nowhere is absolutely orignal and is beautiful.

May be as a child we were very close to God but thigs detoriate as we grow.We understnd things that should not be like lust,greed,jelousy.In the process we loose our moments with God.

You have touched a beautiful concept.Let us hope we all go there for a longer time.