Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Rain and The Sunshine

Earlier when it came,
Sometimes in Drizzles
Sometimes in Torrents..
The Blinding, Languishing Rain!
It poured outside the window
Choking every Grass blade
Filling the space between Heaven and Earth,
By an Ethereal Sorrow

Ceaseless Rain, Limitless Rain
Followed by an Awkward Sunshine
Like a Child laughing aloud
In the Abysmal Silence of a Mourning House

It still comes down just the same
But the torrents refuse to haunt
It flattens the humble Grass blades
But it fails to choke and daunt
Even the Self-Conscious Sunlight
Has gathered a Newfound Valor
For it gushes in with a Lucid Rainbow
Defying the Cloudy Pallor

They have grown accustomed these days
The Rain and the Sunshine to each other
Like the long married Day and Night
Sharing Dusks and Dawns together

From now on, the Rain and the Sun
As they please, may come and go
For the Joy has transcended Light
And beyond Rain rests the Woe.

15th March 2007


Shreeshankar said...

i've been hearing all along (mostly from saee) that she is to english what sachin is to cricket! this is the first time i am reading her poem, so i have nothing to compare it to, but this one looks good. it has a new concept (new to me).

btw, hya kavitet shevatche shabda rhyme hot nahiyet - is this by design?

shirish said...

Sai I think this is the best poem you have ever written.It very well befits in form,words but most important it has a very mature thought process.The metaphors used are simply great.The rain in the beginning is ferocious and sorrowful. Sunshine also initially is awkward but has a potential to neutralise the the eternal sorrow which gradually blooms and changes the frames of reference.This is life.It teaches you to absorb the shocks,to look at things with different perspective rather positive perspective.Then the rain and the sunshine become the two sides of same coin.
Sai this is what is called orignality.Keep it up

neha said...

god! how can you think of something like this .....
today since afternoon i was feeling very happy that i had painted something..something highly i dont feel the same .....
this poem is awesome