Saturday, October 20, 2007


My flatmate Shruti promised to sweep me off my feet one Saturday morning.
She promised me that she would take me to a place in Brisbane that serves the best French Toast in the whole world.
That morning oozed into my room from the half broken blinds ( which our landlord refuses to take off) today and after a semi-serious jog by the river I nudged her into taking me to the place.
That is what the interesting name is all about. The place is called Anouk and seriously it did sweep me off my feet.
It takes about ten minutes of wait on the pavement to be able to secure a table in the cafe.
It smells like well-cooked bacon, cappucino, cheesecake and crisp toasts all at the same time.
You can see a neatly labeled dessert counter which seems to get you a bit grumpy about your steely resloves and fitness fixations.

As we sat down with our first round of Earl Grey and Cappucino the waiter laid two plates of Brioche on the table.
One plump slice of golden brown French Toast with raspberries and mint on top. Garnished with two slices of succulent musk-melon and powdered sugar.
The Earth stopped spinning for a while and my mind went to all my favorite childhood memories.
It was indeed the best French Toast I have ever had in my life.

Another reason for staying away from junk and keeping away from carbohydrates on weekdays.
You can appreciate good food and let the artist and the poet in you out.Every bite fired up a love affair with my brain and made me grateful for all the forty-five minute jogs by the river!
I was looking for art in Australia for a very long time. I think I just found where the Artists really dwell.

We walked all the way back to the city and popped into a bookshop that sells rare books where I picked up John Donne for $9 for a bit of good poetry always goes well with good food. :)

PS: Please excuse my sense of photography AND for those of you who have been cribbing that I dont send home enough pictures now you know why! =P


शिरीष said...

हाय सई तू हल्ली फारच बिझी झाली आहेस.
Anouk चा उच्चार कसा करायचा? ’अनाउक’कि अनोऊक ? फ्रेंच उच्चार वाटतात त्यापेक्षा वेगळेच असतात.
तूझ वर्णन मस्तच आहे,तोंडाला पाणी सुटल.
फोटो पण छान आहे. आता मला तू काढलेले माझे व इतर फोटो पाठवायला हरकत नाही.
तूझी लहानपणातली आठवण नाही लिहीलीस?

RagingMars said...

hmmm.... description sounds really yummy.... ;)
And the photo has added to the whole "Pleasantly sunny Saturday mornin after joggin breakfast" mood!!
So... u r an amazingly brilliant photographer!
Ata tujhi lal keli. ata tari photo pathav! :P
But u havent mentioned wat memmory of ur childhood was it that made the earth stopped spinnin..!

Saee said...

@ baba
It is Anook. :)
Yeah and the childhood memory is just a metaphor. :P
@ Ameya
Sweetheart you will get all your wishes one by one :)

sameer said...

ur description is definitely mouth-watering...i also have fond memories of having french toast back in was my first egg item which made me an eggitarian in my fyjc...also i havent tasted a gud french toast for a long time..make sure u take me to this place when i cum to c u there...k??tataz
hey do read my comments on ur roomiehood blog...sorry for late comment but u shud be knowing a few facts which ur cheater cock friend havent told u..hehe:)

Charu said...

HEY! The damned thing is MINE!