Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Happy Birthday PurpleMoon!!!

3rd October 2007

Although my readers cannot trace back the proof of this occasion ( owing to the fact that I keep renovating my page all the time) back home, in my lab in Pune, on the computer connected to the GC/MS system I have a folder by that date which was created in 2006. :) ( And that is an amazingly long sentence)
Initially I started writing because it was a much needed distraction from work. When you are a chromatographer and work on a Gas Chromatograph you get time between runs. I used to use that to write. Then I processed the chromtograms and went back to processing my blogs between the next two runs.
I cannot believe it has been a year.
To me, PurpleMoon was something close to an escape. A reverie that helped me color my life the way I wanted it to. To be able to remember the good things and to be able to bring out the pastles and the lights from the blacks and the greys.
I had written in leather bound journals with an ink pen before. I had written poems in an artistic hand. I had dozed off into books on the majority of Sundays that I ever saw since I started reading.
Writing was a new escape and being taken seriously was like an unexpected destination!
I think PurpleMoon has helped me grow beyond the limits of one chronological time unit.
When you look for escapes and they work out better the reality you wanted to escape from, it kind of gives you the feeling of being even with Destiny. :)

I have been through the Writer's block and learnt my Anger Management with some serious critique too. I have also had the pleasure of replying to my humble share of fan mails. I have loved it all and I think now that I am a poor graduate student, I might end up improving my writing skills when I am in the mood for some serious procrastination ( which seems to engulf me almost all the times these days)

I thank all my loyal fans for their constant feedback. :)
Now, before I sound like this self-concieted writer let me end this.
I wish PurpleMoon a very Happy Birthday and I hope it keeps me alive and positive like it has for the past twelve months.


Alien said...

Happy B'day Purple Moon... And may there be many more such occasions to wish...

And I think blogging / writing makes one feel better because its cathartic in nature.. cleanses one's mind of the baggage that becomes too much to carry!!!

Saee said...
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Saee said...

@ Alien
yeah you are right but as someone once aptly put it, blogging can also turn you into a performer and get you away from being the seeker you started with.
So I have decided that I will take someone more serioulsy. :)Thanks

Alien said...

aah.... does that deleted post have anything to do with the seriousness??

Saee said...

No..it has more to do with not being used to using a macbook

intendo said...

you got a MacBook !! oh man !

how does one wish a blog, a purely electronic entity that is nothing more than a bunch of molecules pointing north and another bunch pointing south??

i guess in the same way that one wishes a person, who is nothing more than a bunch of chemical reactions...

Happy Birthday Blog.

Saee said...

@ Sukhbir
Yeah I got a macbook..and I guess it is the sexiest thing I ever laid my hands on!! We are inseparable.
Thanks and welcome back to my comment box!

Pooja said...
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Pooja said...

Happy Birthday Purplemoon!

शिरीष said...

परपल मून बद्दल काय लिहु? खरतर काय नको लिहु अस म्हणल पाहीजे.

सईच परपल मून का परपल मूनची सई? या एक वर्षात परपल मूनची एक वेगळी आयडेंटीटी तयार झाली आहे.माझ्या सारखे अनेक वाचक नविन पोस्टची आतूरतेने वाट बघत असतात.
परपल मूनला माझ्या तर्फे वाढदिवसाच्या हार्दीक शुभेच्छा!

Saee said...

Thanks baba..
You are my most loyal reader!!
I am really fortunate to have you. But I must confess you praise me a little too much :P

शिरीष said...

सई मी तूझी नाही तर तूझ्या लिखाणाची प्रशंसा करतो.मनापासून करतो.हे यश तूझ्यात दड्लेल्या लेखिकेचे आहे.परपलमूनने या लेखिकेला फूलवले,घड्वले आणि आम्हाला झूलवले.

Ameya said...

Better late than never :|
I wish Purple moon a belated happy birthday! :)
And I loved Intendo's comment!

neha said...

happy b'day purple moon :)
your blogs are - a famous book in the pipeline ....
keep writing ...cheers !!

Saee said...

Thanks..I am not so sure about the book but thanks for the confidence. :)
I hope they unblock blogs in your office. :P

jay said...

:) a belated happy birthday to purplemoon!.....i cant believe its a year after the discovery! :)