Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Australian Zoo

I just came back from a trip to the Australian Zoo. :)
It is a privately owned zoo by the family of Steve Irwin who is more famously known as the "Crocodile Hunter"
It has been so many years since I went to a zoo and felt like this. My dad ( who by the way haunts this blog) will have stories of some four-year-old me making him do 'n' number of revisits to the Peshwe Baug which used to be very close to where we lived. Sometimes we went twice a day, especially if it was a lazy Saturday for baba. :)
I went with my workmate Bernadette and we had some serious fun.

" Never once in these past hundred years have you ever loved me the way I wanted you to!"

"I dont drink Beer..The Australian Attitude is contagious :D "

Yes. Even I take pictures in front of larger than life posters. Big deal!! :P
This is Steve-The Crocodile Hunter!

I also got one with a very cute Kangaroo and a Koala..but since I am technologically challenged I was not able to rotate them and get them up!


sameer said...

well it feels nice to see u njoying the zoo n reliving those old memories:)
have fun sweets but do miss us:)

Ameya said...

Whatever happened to ur style babe?

I'm waitin for a "Purplemoon style" description of the zoo... :)