Sunday, April 06, 2008

If wishes were horses...

Why isn't my life like a Bollywood movie?
Where everything is simple and mysteriously resolved
Into simple cartesian co-ordinates.
I go to college wearing the most expensive range of clothes
Impeccably matched and accessorized.
And not even in a centimeter of all those reels
Am I worried about research and where my thesis is heading
Instead I am found happily gallivanting around trees
With a metro-sexual tough guy who rides around on a Hayabusa
If we are too bored with the mundane realities around trees
We switch to a dream sequence and time travel to sing better songs
Just to make it believable we have a villain
Who comes close to taking me away from my hero
But even when I cry and wail out of heart ache
There is no trace of my water-proof mascara
On the inch long coating of make-up on my cherry cheeks
My hero is an amalgamation
Of Da Vinci, Keats, Bill Gates and the Governor of California.
(Mercy! How do you spell his name?)
He writes sonnets and beats up people at the same alarming rate
And I can conveniently change from a bikini into a saree
( And act equally coy in both outfits)
It all ends in wedding bells (off course!)
And (without studying) I get a PhD too
And irrespective of the fact
That we spent most of our college years
Behind two flowers touching each other to mean "something"
My beloved arrives at his wedding in a Mercedes
And we live happily ever after
The music melts into your mouth
With the popcorn and the diet soda
And everyone goes home happy.
Why isn't my life like a Bollywood movie?
Why do I have to iron my clothes
And make my lunch?
Why do I have to learn to make peace
With the fact that
Trains will never stop for me
And even when I am dead tired
I will have to carry my own bag ( with the macbook)
All the way back home?
Why are my songs not accompanied
By an invisible orchestra when I sing in the lab?
Why don't I have an intuitive, telepathic dog
Who brings me happy news when I am about to give up?

But I still,in some Bollywoody way
Believe that one day my beakers would suddenly explode
With a Nobel-prize winning elixir
And I will live happily ever after =)
And even if it isn't like that
I will call whatever it is
a Happily Ever After. =)


*Shall* said...

i luv d last para!
keep dreamin d dnt stop believin =)


शिरीष said...

Hi Sai

This is preciesly what everybody thinks at regular intervals.You have put it in wonderful words.

That dose not happen because then you wont be left with this beautiful dream!

I feel that all the Shahruks,Priyankas on the bollywood screen must be dreaming that they have been admitted to Queensland Univerdity for writing a Phd thesis on Biofuels without any make up,and heroins or heros around them living a simple life that does not have working in shifts,facing the flood lights and saying "If wishes were horses...

Asmita said...

HeeHee nice one!
about me i am happy that at least it is not like ekta kapoor tv serial :)

Saee said...

yeah I know. It is so amazing that Bollywood inspires us to dream!
Yeah maybe you are right too. So much make up everyday. I had not thought about it. :)
Oh I would love to be an Ekta Kapoor Vamp you know. With big eyeshadowed eyes and a long bindi!

RJ said...

I absolutely LOVED up the good work rock

Saee said...

Thanks.. :)
Long time..where have you been?

simmy said...

Interest'n !!! very simi 2 reel d real life !!