Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Yesterday,The Tomorrow and ME

The Yesterday, The Tomorrow and ME
Making a Chaotic Family,
One full of Anguish and Nostalgia
The other, ruthless Ambiguity!
The "CouldHaves" and the "WillBes"
All spiralling down to mean,
That my heart can only understand
and my eyes can only dream!
For even in my Angered Moments,
I cannot bring myself to say,
That I wish I wasnt the Lonely Child
Hastefully brought up by Yesterday
Or in my tender,impalpable panic,
engulfed by a silent sorrow
I cannot ever deny myself
The intimidating Mysteries of Tomorrow.
They will remain where they are
Like fighting parents, refusing to speak,
As I fill my heart with shattered Dreams
and a fresh New Dream I hope to seek!
But sometimes;for a Moment, I grow up
Enlightened with what the Moment could be,
Devoid of Past, Away from Future
Suddenly Orphaned yet refreshingly Free
And then those Yesterdays and Tomorrows
Gently dissapear within ME!
And then those Yesterdays and Tomorrows
Gently dissapear within ME!

1 comment:

shirish said...

There is always present between the past and future.The past has some unpleasant memories but it also has some beautiful moments.There are memories of fighting parents but also loving moments showering their love. The future may have uncetanities but also dreams to leave on. It all depends upon your present which always leads to future and past.Leave moment to moment and you will have a memorable past and memorable future.