Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Afternoon

I like Sunday afternoons =).
I usually doze off into a book and when I wake up
my first thoughts are about the story that I faded
into mixed with the dreams that I woke up from.
Then I wonder what time it might be and I try taking a guess
even though my cell-phone is just about an arms reach away.
It is always around 4PM.
It gets better if it is raining outside. Then you can sit on the narrow space they leave before every window (that is actually meant to keep indoor plants) and sip tea while you watch the Rain.
By this time, someone always calls to ask if I have a plan for the evening ( which I never do owing to the excessively boring life I live)and I say that I am game for anything they want me to do. =)
So then the afternoon melts away into a walk with my friends or a movie or a Levis discount sale. Sometimes just an easy, inexpensive Pani-puri just around the easy unassuming corner. :)

Sunday afternoons make the stressful week worth going through!!


jay said...

yeah, i think pani puri is the best part! ;-)

neha said...

you could have written this in a more humorous style ,your style that is usually seen in your blogs....this one is good but dosent have your stamp on it ...:)

Saee said...

Ooh..I have a style?
Yey!! I have a stamp!!??
yeah..I was actually kind of hungover when I wrote that. Intoxicated with too much sleep. :)
But I will come back!!! :)