Friday, August 24, 2007

Dreams and Work.

I wear a purple Dream
And look into the glass
Does it make me look fat?
Or maybe shorter than I am?
And then I move on to something else..
Crimson,Creme and Lilac
Try on a pin with a dainty Dolphin
or switch to the loyal,slimming Black!

Some Dreams refuse to flatter my wrists
Strong, deceptively petite
Some overwhelm my tiny frame
or insult my pretty feet

And then there is a rare solace
Of fitting into an old one
Finding happiness in smaller space
That overlooks a wider horizon

Sometimes they become too much squander
Chiffons,Silks and Gold Brocade
Across glass windows I stare and wonder
If I am right in hoarding them..

Then I close my fragrant closet
And get into shirt sleeves and cargoes
My Dreams asleep with a scent of Lavender
while gladly off to work I go!


शिरीष said...

The concept of colours,fashions and ornaments associated with dreams is simply great.
I believe every one has association,a specific one with these things.

I liked the third stanza which tells about the "real me" finding happiness in fitting into old one and in smaller space which many a times is overlooked.

One needs lot of introspection to understand the 'real me'

सई मला खुप आवडली तूझी ही कविता.

Alien said...


Saee said...

@ alien..what makes thee smile?

neha said...

bhari :) i liked it ...esp
'and then there is a rare solace of fitting into the old one '
kasa kay suchta tula asa kahitai ....mala kalayla pan kiti vel lagla...i had to read the poem thrice !...

Saee said...

@ neha..
are are!!
thrice? I wonder if you mean it as a compliment. :P
Thanks.. :)