Monday, August 27, 2007

Keep Walking!!

I walk my way out of sleep
And I walk into the morning
I walk away from idle sloth
I walk with the birds chirping
I walk with music in my ears
And I walk for all I have got
I walk to make Peace with Anger
and I walk for a merry Thought
I walk to the Dry Cleaner's
and I walk to the Newspaper Stand
I walk on pebbles in a waterfall
and barefoot on the golden sea sand
I walk with my best friends
and sometimes I walk alone
On crunchy Autumn Leaves
Contemplative and Wind Blown
Sometimes eclipsed by too much food
and sometimes plagued by too much rain
My walks indeed are a stronger lot
for they keep coming back again..and again!
So much for two little feet
that seem to speak without talking
Destination is an excuse to catch your breath
And then you just keep on walking!


jay said...

johnnie walker - keep walking! :P i too believe in walking..ha ha ha! na just kidding....its fantastic as ever...........the poetry! :P

Saee said...

wah.. and this is not something I would kill people for. :P
Thanks.. :)

Alien said...

Destination is an excuse to catch your breath ....

nice .. so very true!!!

Saee said...

@ Alien..thanks..
I guess my thoughts are running in the travel mode now. :)

Well Heeled said...

Simple yet so nicely done!

Saee said...

@well heeled..
Nice name. :) and visit again. :)

deepti said...

hey Saee..

Very sweeet poem...
The best part of poem are last 4 lines..
too goood...
So much for two little....
Liked it... :)

Alien said...

We wish thee well
Bon Voyage !!!

And like the sea faring men say...
"May you have fair seas,
Following winds
And forty fathoms below your keel"

God speed and good luck!!

Alien said...

I am getting old I guess or maybe plain careless...

Sorry for the typo... it should read..

"May you have fair winds, following seas and forty fathoms below your keel.."

The origin of the saying comes from the days of yore.. fair winds as they imply mean winds that will push the ship forward without being so strong as to tear the sails apart.. following seas as any sailing manual will tell you are the best seas to sail in... with the sea/ swell coming towards you from behind and not overtaking you, it is safest to sail then..
Forty fathoms below your keel implies that may you always have enough water under your keel ( the lowermost part of the ship, below water) so that the ship does not get grounded...

Cheers and have a great time...