Monday, August 06, 2007

To Friendship

On a cold lonely night as the goofy owl sings
With a dream shattering din
My antique cell phone Rings

Out of a dream or a nightmare
As you make me walk
Stiffly aware
For my best Pep Talk

Or break into my solitudes
Dragging me out of half written preludes
Confirming, without my consent that poetry just deludes

Come to say hello on a crisp rainy eve
And past midnight over me loom
As pajamas and socks for you, I retrieve
You blissfully litter my freshly laundered room

Different hearts with one soul
Digging ice cream from one messy bowl
Unaware of Lifetimes, Oblivious to the Whole

Is it you, or just that I forgo
The critique and the doubt in me
Spring clean the vaults of my Ego
And laugh a laugh of Eternity?

What makes it so deep, really doesn’t matter
That is not what I would like to go after
As long as this moment keeps getting better!


jay said...

to friendship......cheers! :D

Alien said...

happy friendship day ...

sorry but thi verse had me a bit lost... seemed u had to try really hard to get the words and idea there!!

Saee said...

@ alein
Yeah!! How do you know??:)
It was much simpler when i wasnt trying to get the rhyme scheme..but what the heck!! Experimentation. :)

शिरीष said...

Yes this is friendship.
These are the subtle moments of friendship sometimes explicit sometimes obscure.The feelings are very difficult to express.

I liked"Different hearts with one soul.Digging icecream from one bowl"


Alien said...

Well, the rhyme did seem a bit contrived.. better to write bank verse then...

Well, new post round the corner?

Alien said...

Hi... just added a link to your blog on my page.... hope you dont mind?