Sunday, September 30, 2007

Glimpses of my "roomiehood"

My readers should excuse my obsession with writing about myself all the time. :)
There are phases where I want to comment on others ( mostly because my own life is really boring) and then there are times when I have to constantly check how much I go on writing about myself. So taking a bit of a risk I would like to write about the sunny side of roomiehood.

Refuting parental assumptions that I am some sort of a high maintenance snob, I think I am well ensconsed in a house filled with three (crazy) girls. :)
There is great joy in being with two girls, especially since I never had a sister who shared a room with me. So here is a list of all the good things about roomiehood

1. When three average sized girls come together, suddenly you have triple the amount of clothes you usually had. To add to it, if one of you is outdoorsy, one chic and posh and the remaining bohemian, you have a wide range of classy and funky clothes to pick up from.
2. The territorial demarcations fade in about two weeks. You start grabbing each other's makeup or rummaging through each other's drawers first thing in the morning to find the shirt that goes with your weekend shopping.
3. You get to know that there are people as paranoid about certain trivial things as you are. Like one of my roomies is a dishwasher. The moment you leave any thing dirty on the sink it gets squeaky clean and sits on the shelf before you can have a sip of water. They also tell me that I discover my own "Nirvana" with the vacuum cleaner.
4. Everything going on in your life is openly discussed and used over and over to make cheeky comments and embarrass you. You cannot maintain your usual "cold" and "reserved" image. ( Although I have no idea why I would make that kind of image anyways with so much noise I always make)
5. Sometimes you laugh so much on something that you fall off the bed.( Which kind of gives you a reason to go on laughing for another hour)
6. You pick up contagious diseases like digging into the big tub of ice cream when you see the other two licking their spoons and being indifferent towards your steely determination of staying away from sugar at night.
7. You tend to feel good about yourself when one of them suggests that you should make the carrot-groundnut salad again this week because it was yummy. :)
8. Three girls coming from three different backgrounds leaves a lot of room for retrospective talks that let you fade into the night on weekends.
9. It is completely normal to wake up at 5 AM for no reason and have breakfast and go back to sleep at 8 AM.
10. When you are planning to go out, you can conduct your own mini-fashion show to get your statement for the evening.
11. Someone makes you get up from your afternoon catnap because she is getting bored without you. :)
12. They scold you when you go on shopping spree and keep reminding you that you are a "student" now, but then they also get you $3 strawberries from the farmer's market because you like to have them with yogurt.

I thank all the people who encouraged me to step into this. Especially my best friend Ameya who always tells me the truth earlier than when it is due. :)


शिरीष said...

Nice to see you enjoying with your roommates. Living together with friends away from parents is always a very good experience. I agree you miss your parents especially mother but then equally you are compensated with the warmth of friendship. This "friendship" will never have any parallel.It has no expectation and only can be felt and can never be expressed in words.At the most it can be best described.
The relationships are tender and absorbing.
Sai you remind me of my school days .

Vasudha said...

I am also enjoying the experience of three "hamsafar"Thanks to Shruti and Riju who are making a big transformation within you.Now I will never feel sorry for Saee as an "Only child"Enjoy and keep laughing

Alien said...

Its wonderful to realise these things cosciously as you are now. To a lot of peole such realisation comes only in retrospect.. In my opinion such realisation of friendships and relations helps one value them more and makes them stronger.

That apart, its great to know you folks are having a blast.. cheers and way to go..

make the most of this time in the backdrop of the realisation that you willcherish these moments for the rest of your lives!!!

Nicely written too....
Straight from the heart
And you're (the other roomies!!) to blame...

RagingMars said...

make the most of it! These r moments u will cherish for the rest of your life!
And these also the things u shall also miss for the rest of ur life.. :)
Cheers to "roomiehood"!!!

Saee said...

@ Aai-baba
Thanks for the comments. :)
@ Alien
Yeah I have heard people become I guess I decided to enjoy the monent.
@ Ameya
Thankooo. :)

sameer said...

hey saee...u just reminded me of my days in the hostel..n i'm sure ameya must have felt very nostalgic as well...but definitely this phase will be ur best by far..and actually i'm a bit dissappointed cause credit has been given entirely to my cheater cock girl friend:p..i was the only 1 who,considering evry aspect of ur life,maintained dat u shud be going abroad...and was wild when u had decided against it..while ur best friend was trying to calm me down by explaining the reasons for ur decision..hope that bum remembers my argument and confesses:p hehe
anyways i'm happy to read this blog..ther's much more waiting to cum sweets..u'll discover richness of life in a much broader aspect...enjoy to the fullest my chubby friend.

Saee said...

@ sameer
yeah I remember.. :)
But I was just referring to the roomie part. :)
You have been one of the greatest encouragements for me to come here. :)