Saturday, April 25, 2009


I think the "Miss Universe" pageant is the limit of  lack of hope and imagination for human kind.
What is the difference between "Miss World" and "Miss Universe"? 
By crowning someone "Miss Universe" every single year we are potentially making the following absurd assumptions
1. That there is a lack of hot aliens in our and the neighboring galaxies. I mean I am sure that if they are more advanced than us, the alien women might be watching these competitions every year and going, "Yeah right. This is the new Ms.Universe. How can you even qualify in the preliminaries with two eyes!!"
2. That beauty is more of a seasonal, annual phenomenon usually enhanced with fake eye-lashes and fake attitude. 
3.That the difference between being the most beautiful woman in the whole world or the Universe is an "answer" that seems to please everyone in the room but not make much sense. 
4. Beauty is as profound and as deep as the Pacific but nonetheless there is a cut-off limit for weight and height.
Think about how much limits these pageants put on our imagination! How depressing it is for all those men out there to know that the Earth is all they have got. If they have to choose the most beautiful woman in the entire Universe seven continents is all they have. I mean what about Venus? Maybe somewhere far away in the frigid cold on Pluto there could be a bunch of astonishingly beautiful women! 
Then again, how do you compare a beautiful curvaceous beauty from Africa to a lanky American? Beauty is as relative as the word itself gets. I walk down the streets of Brisbane and I am bamboozled everyday at how hard it must be for God to keep female beauty so unique and fresh over all these billion years! There is no face on the street or no body in a train that is similar to other, each with her own aura and the little cloud of thoughts that rest on top of her head like her own tiara. Little bejeweled fingers that go in and out of bags to find cellphones and long eyelashes that stare out of the train windows in anticipation!
I recently read a report about the controversy over the Miss USA pageant this year. An openly homosexual judge asked one of the finalists if her state should legalize gay marriage. She answered that she believes that marriage should only happen between a man and a woman. She was given the runner up position and criticized for speaking out against gay marriage. The judge then went out and used explicit language against her! 
I agree that the world is progressing in attitude and I am one of those too. However that should not make us give up respect for the conservative. Letting others believe what they want to is I guess the first sign of being open-minded! 
If a beauty is finally being honest enough to say what she really thinks (instead of the usual 'world peace') should she be publicly humiliated for expressing her personal opinion? 
I don't know about Ms.Universe or Ms.World, I personally think that every human being is beautiful in their own unique way and I totally stand up for Alien Rights. :)


मकरंद said...

One day very black fat girl passed by us on the way to college. pankaj commented "sakali sakali pahilich mulgi kaali disali re..". Rahul told him that "never say this. Dont you look at her eyes, and her genuine smile. Every girl is beautiful in her own way".


you remind me that incidence

Eeshwari said...

Wonderful post... I agree that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. I do not know about aliens but I surely think every woman is inherently beautiful and someone surely said this right,"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" !!

Kaustubh said...


Prasad :D!! said...

/-However that should not make us give up respect for the conservative. Letting others believe what they want to is I guess the first sign of being open-minded!
hihi..thats the mistake people do when they think they have become (so called)progressive
well written as always!

AJ said...

Since Pluto is really cold, surviving girls on it must be really hot.

I wish I could visit it sometime.

Then again, I see many hot girls here and don't (can't?) do much about it!

- Ajay

AJ said...

Talk about blowing your own trumpet, and writing something absolutely irrelevant to the primary topic of the blog post!

- Ajay

Saee said...

If you are dusky, you suddenly discover your beauty when you travel abroad. :) People always want what they don't see often.
Well said girl. :) And beauty is very closely related to personality too!
=) =)
Thank you. I am glad you like it.
I came up with this idea when I was having lunch. There was a copy of newspaper and a newscientist that I ended up reading one after the other. :D
I am such a Geek. :(