Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I guess having an opinion on everything is the first sign of getting old. :(
Ten years ago I hardly had an opinion on anything and I had a constant feeling of being empty.
Ten years since then I struggled hard to have an opinion. I still feel empty and I make much more noise!
Opinions are overrated. They have a range of validity and when someone gets too stiff on their own, life turns around and pokes them in the eyeball. It is one thing having an opinion and another being taken seriously. As a twenty five year old, I try to make as much sense with my own life as possible but I also feel like attaching a disclaimer with my opinions. Most of my thoughts about various situations have changed drastically over the past two or three years. So if my own life goes at the same pace, I may not agree with my twenty five year old thoughts when say, I am twenty seven.
So is it really worth asking for my opinion and then getting into a fight with me?
Another annoying thing about opinions is that they make a fluid medium to get into a pointless debate and when confronted to express your opinion it is really difficult to refuse to express it or lie. This makes it increasingly difficult to look forward to a chilled out beer with no heated conversation about religion!
They are very good if they are free of emotions. However on certain occasions, people just want to strangle you for having an opinion that does not match with their own.
The most beautiful aspect of opinions is that everyone else can be wrong! =)


Anonymous said...

this one sure has a very different ring than your other blogs. seems to be right out of the oven and ungarnished, written for yourself rather than for an audience.

i agree with you about 'opinions'. especially having opinions about people has a ring of unfairness to it.

i am surprised how much of yourself you can put out in the blog. looking inward, i am not sure whether i do not _want_ to, or do not dare to.

Saee said...

Hello anonymous!
yeah i realized that after i published it but then I did not want to go back and change it. I guess no harm in putting out a little bit of yourself. These days I am kind of tired of writing pretty things. Sometimes I feel that I also need a journal..
PS: I would like you to sign next time. It kind of adds unnecessary mystery.

Eeshwari said...

Hey Saee...first I must say Purplemoon has been quiet for quite some time now and this post has been surely different in its vocabulary. "Opinions" can be a debatable topic and as you said,the good thing about them is that everyone else can be wrong! :D
Good to see you write something with little bit of yourself minus the perfect pretty talk :D

Keep going!

शिरीष said...

Hi Sai!
I do not subscribe that you write only goody goody posts.You often travel inwards and reveal the inner self in your blogs. One thing for sure,you are maturing day by day and it is refleting in your words.This makes me impatient and I look forward to your posts eagerly.
This one is a masterpiece!

Anonymous said...

Opinions are cheap. I prefer prejudices and judgments. ;) How about that?


Saee said...

@ Eshwari and baba
Thanks for the encouragement. I am running low on inspiration and happy thoughts these days.
@ Charu

I prefer calling everything an opinion because prejudice and judgment is relative between the "prejudicee" and the "prejudicer" :D

I would rather call them "thoughts". :) ;)

Eeshwari said...

@ Saee
About the prejudice thingie, well said !! :D