Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Anna Karenina

10 reasons why everyone should read Anna Karenina

1.It talks about the invisible lines we cross, the invisible lines we create and the lines we draw just ahead of us with our Egos when we want to escape unpleasant situations

2.It talks about the perpetual icy frost that covers our minds. That holds us back from saying what we want to, doing what we must and accepting people irrespective of the situations they create.

3.It talks about dysfunctional institutions that create dysfunctional minds. It covers everything from Communism to Marriage.

4.It talks about the Lifecycle of Grief. Right from its conception to the point where it is conquered by an intelligent mind

5.It talks about the healing power of creative solitude. When the mind analyzes sadness with a calm and impartial authority and devises ways to come over it by taking up something beyond the trivialities.

6.It talks about the offenses that cannot have a punishment but cause torments that go beyond comprehension

7.It talks about different minds in similar situations, each one giving a different reaction

8.Though written in the 1800s, it proves to us that the basic malice and kindness that drives the human minds is still the same. We still cross the same invisible lines, but we have conveniently extended the boundaries of our vileness.

9.It shows us that even mistakes can be handled with dignity

10.It has names like Kostya, Mishka, Laska and Frou-Frou, which I found really amusing and incredibly cute.


Ajay said...

Lovely post...

Ajay said...

Reading through others, I am sure this is one of the best blogs I've ever read ! Carry on the good work..

--Ajay Joshi (just in case you don't get me by my first name :) )

thecompletehalf said...

Purple moon cha kay funda aahe ?

shirish said...

You have said that although written in 1800,it proves to us thatthe basic malice and kindness that drives the human minds is still the same---

Yes the Human mind is age old and very difficult to understand. Although the man has progressed a lot
materialistically in the process of evolution the human mind has not.

That is why the characters like Dhrutrashtra,Duryodhan,Shakuni depicted in Mahabharta can also be seen in todays world.

Any way I need to read Anna Karenina. You have put upa very good reiveiw.