Monday, April 23, 2007

How I read A Painting.

This is a painting by one of my very good friends Neha. I believe that paintings are like books. This is an Abstract so I have made an effort to read it using my pitiful knowledge of Art and my profound perception :P
I congratulate her for getting out masterpieces one after the other.=)

This Painting is aptly called Rhythm.
It uses vibrant colors together to create a symphony.
It is warm, happy and upbeat and when she painted it she must have been in a very happy state of mind ( I know this from before =P She had just fallen in love)
It reflects natural balance,music and happiness.
We find similar association of distinct yet different elements coming together and making something better and beautiful around us.

This made me think of a really strong woman. With many different states of mind coming together to make her irresistible.
There is this arch in the center that made me think of Hobbes. As it looks like a tiger's tail. =) So I found it a little eccentric as well.
Like a brown paper bag full of candies and chocolates. When you reach for one inside you never know what might come out. Dark chocolate,tangy candy or a snicker bar!
Unpredictable and irresistible just like a continuous quartet!

Hats off to you Nuts! =)


jay said...

that is beoooootiful!! :)

neha said...

thanks sweetheart :)
i dont think anyone could have put it soo aptly pan nahi ...

shirish said...

what a coincidence! Yesterday I was with my friend Sanjay Naik and we were listining one classical cheez in Afgan langauge.Although we werenot in position to understand the words we could understand the swar(notes0 and could feel the mood. I have had the opportunity to see paintings of Mr.Majgaonkar who specialises in landscapes. He has his own speciality of selecting colours.whenever I see his paintings I always associate his paintings with Indian ragdari.Some of his paintings evoke Puriya Dhanashri,some Lalat,some Shivaranjani,some Basant depending upon the mood refected by these paintings. What you have said about Neha's painting is true.She must be in a vibrant mood while she painted.