Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Boredom! :)

Why do we get bored?
I guess every second someone across this lopsided world must be saying “Jeez! I am bored!”
It is such a common feeling happening to every race and every age group with the same frustrating intensity. Like Love, Boredom triggers off the same chemicals inside every human brain and even when they say it in a hundred different languages, they mean the same thing. I am bored.

Like when you call those call centers because your broadband doesn’t work and they ask you to press everything from one to nine. Then they put you on an automated “Your call is important to us. Please wait, you will be attended shortly” and promote their other (inefficient) services while you draw doodles on a scrapbook. It is so boring. It sets my heart rate to the lowest ever. Even meditation fails to have that kind of effect on me.
What is the point in telling someone that their call is important to you while you make them hold the line for half an hour?
It is like an unfaithful husband telling his wife that he loves her while he is getting sun tanned in Hawaii with his secretary.

Or sometimes when you watch Jennifer Aniston or Kareena Kapoor with long, streaked tresses and you suddenly make up your mind about having that kind of hair on your shoulders. You imagine how you would accessorize it, wear invisible plastic clips or just mess it up sometimes for that out-of-bed-look. The moment it reaches my shoulders I get bored. I don’t know the reason but it never goes beyond that! All my fantasies are always chopped off as my talkative hairdresser talks about Indian Classical Music.

Then we have those 24X7 news channels. All their frenzy has the exact opposite effect on me. I get bored. They are so desperate for news; sometimes I think they create news by paying people who want to make a few easy bucks. They would have a correspondent covering a dying dog on a crossroad and the whole country would know about it. They would zoom in on it’s emaciated body and ribcage and the channel will observe a minute of silence for the dog’s well being but no one will pick it up and take it to a veterinarian or even leave it alone to die on its own. I guess they should not commit 24 hours of news. How can you expect something interesting to happen all the time? Then no one would ever get bored. =)

Going to the bank is boring. Waiting outside public toilets in cinemas is boring. Waiting for people who show up late and are not guilty about it is boring. Women in their fifties talking about osteoporosis is boring. Men’s talking about the share market over a glass of whiskey is boring. Adamant French restaurants serving people who cannot understand a word of French is boring.
I am just glad I wrote all this down. =)
It puts my life in a better perspective!


Asmita said...

wonderfully written !

Asmita said...

wonderfully written !

thecompletehalf said...

reading this was equally boring......

hehe.... kidding...... this was as good as all your other blogs :P

shirish said...

Boredom is a unique feeling.Sometimes you get bored by anything or every thing.I sometimes feel that a particular day always begins with boredom.That particular day insted of calling a Monday,a Tuesday or a Sunday should be called a Boreday.On that day you get so bored that finally you get bored with this boring.

This is as usuall a very good blog.


intendo said...

you write very well... i am now officially a fan... must thank amit for leading me to this blog... :)