Saturday, April 14, 2007


Silence is so beautiful
White, Blue and cold
So maidenly so quite
Mysterious, untold!
Beyond Time
Beyond Age
Like a perpetual child
About to burst into a ringing laugh
But tamed for a while
Can you guard her from Anguish?
Or a stillborn Fear
Can you offend her icy dignity?
By shedding a transient tear?
She is so charming when she settles down
And takes possession of your mind
Cleans all the dirty cabinets
And leaves the clutter behind
She fills every empty space with nothing
And takes away all your toys
Lets you cry, makes you sigh
And you close your eyes.
Then nothing really matters
It is just you and her together
Without a sentence, without a word
You begin talking to each other
I hate throwing stones in the Lake
And I think so does She
For I keep straightening the House
And She straightens Me.


thecompletehalf said...

WOW !!!

Ich bin sprachloss.......

shirish said...

This is yet another beautiful poem on a beautiful subject"Silence".

Silence is a beutiful.It creates a vaccum and we empty everything in our mind in this vacuum.Silence is difficult to express,it should be experinced.

That is why Gulzar has said
Eeen Barfily Sardiyo Main
Kisi Bhi Phahad Par
Vadi Main Goonjati Hooi
Khamoshiya Sune.