Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Australian Accent

It is like words
Looking into the back of a spoon
All groggy-eyed
before breakfast.
Like words
in a boat looking
looking into the River.
Like an Electric guitar
used with classical Music
Like an egg going crazy
in an ill-fitting frying pan
Like English with a lot of warmth
and the alphabet with a lot of Beer


शिरीष said...

Sai this was unimaginable! Description of any accent in such a novel form is unseen. Fantastic.

मला egg going crazy in an ill-fitted frying pan खूप आवडल!तसेच वाटतात त्यांचे शब्द!
मस्त! किप इट अप !

Alien said...

or maybe like...

a baby kangaroo learning
how to leap ..

or a an inebriated pianist
hitting adjacent keys

Saee said...

Thanks baba.. :)
@ alien
Yeah..I havent seen a baby kangaroo as yet.. :)
I hope I see it soon..
Thanks. :)