Friday, September 07, 2007

FAQs about my Life in Brisbane

Hullo all...

Yeah you guessed it right. This page is no longer the breezy poetry or the witty prose page. I would be adding updates about my life here, which technically is as boring as Oprah Winfrey's appointments with Dr. Phil.

I dont have an awful amount of time to write separate emails to everybody and over a period of a week or so I have realized that I need to answer exactly the same questions in all the emails. So I hope this is enough.

#1 How is your House? ( With strangling threats if I am too lazy to use the camera in my mobile)

=> The house is nice. You enter into the kitchen and then there is this dining area ( which for some unknown reason looks like three laptops being eaten up by an octopus). You take a flight of stairs and then you have two bedrooms. It is bang in the middle of the city so everything is about five minutes walk away.

#2 Are your roomies still alive?

=> yeah they are. :) They like the fact that they have an expert cook on board. But its been just a week so I would keep this question on hold. I would answer it after I unpack over the weekend and spend some serious time cleaning things. There is a lot of room for my organizing,scrubbing and beautifying talents in this house.

#3 What do you eat? ( and a cheekier version "Do you eat at all? Now that no one is after you?")

=> Yeah..I eat. I cook and eat or I just survive on salads. Brisbane is a city of cafes. If I have a salad in each one of the cafes here before I finish my degree I would call myself a rich girl. I also cook Maharashtrian food for my Punjabi and Madrasi roomies which they have liked so far ( except they think I have no idea how much to cook for 3 people and had it not for their supervision I would have starved them all to death)

#4 How is the city?
=> Awesome. There is a long riverside. It is lined with hundreds of small and large coffee shops and restaurants. At night the curves on the bank light up with a million shimmering lights. You can take a walk and sip tea and then take a walk again and it goes on. It is a dream come true for someone who likes long contemplative walks. =)
The weather is a bit chilly right now but it is supposed to get warmer.
The city center is a typically British. People walk a lot here. It is not like you get in the car drive through the Mac Donald's, stuff yourself with a burger and move on with your life. :)

#5 What do you miss about India?
Rikshaws. I really miss rikshaw drives. :(
And I miss my room and my wardrobe. I miss the stray cat that I used to feed.
I miss wearing salwar kurta all the time.
Yeah and I miss aai-baba too. ( although somehow the last bit sounds really fake after the first bit) I really mean it.

#6 How is the Research?
This should ideally be #1. God knows why no one cares a crap about what I am actually here for.
I am asked to read aimlessly. Which kind of goes with my personality anyway. So I read all the time. Novels are out of my weekday life. Like when you are all by yourself for lunch and you flip open a novel with your sandwich, I open a paper on lignin chemistry.
I like it very much. Being a student again makes me feel a lot younger. :)

Okay I guess this will answer all the mails and I hope this keeps you happy for a while.


Alien said...

I liked the part about the long walks and the seemingly aimless research ( at times it feels so..) !! Here's wishing you 'sweet' success!! :-) (pn intended)

Cheers.. keep it coming!

jay said...

wow! great...just imagining the long riverside :)

Vasudha said...

Are you not missing Gopi who used to take you wherever you wish with a great pleasure ,listing radio mirchi?

Vasudha said...

The Idea of FAQ is simply fantastic!
What do you eat was interesting especially about you starving your room mates.Missing Aai Baba was a naughty one.Incidently I miss you when I go for Paan.The other day the Paanwallah Said’एक पान बिना खोबरे का ना?
I was tearful at that moment you know.
मी तर खूप छोट्या छोट्या गोष्टीत तूला मिस करतो.
तूझ म्याँउ तर सारख आठवत.तूझी खोली तर आता एकदम पोरकी झाली आहे.

Saee said...

@ Alien
Thanks..:) I am just two days into research so I still have really romantic ideas about it
thank you..where were you all these days?
@ aai
yeah I miss Gopi..I miss car and I miss sitting in the front seat and passing cheeky comments..
@ baba
:( Dont miss me too much I will be back before you know it!!
Have fun!! :)

neha said...

i hope this keeps you happy for a while hahaha !!!
i am happy that you are liking it over there...the city must be really beautiful :)
ata tar yaylach pahije tithe....shivay tuzhya hatcha khata pan yeil pan please jasta kar barka . i liked that part abt starving your rommies !
abhyash kar and have fun girl
love ya

Saee said...

Oh and baba and aai..please leave the intimate juvenile details of my extended childhood out of the comment box. So no Meow-Meows here.
Thank You.
I will meow when I call you. :)

RagingMars said...

You better change the answer to Q.#5 soon or your life will be in danger. I have contacts with the underworld of
Australia too.... :P

Alien said...

Need some info @ ozzie visa... maild id to reach ya?