Wednesday, September 19, 2007

An Idle Observation. :)

What makes you feel home in a foreign land?
That when you happen to hear conversations
Across desks and cubicles
Girls always talk about weight loss
Or about insensitive boyfriends
Then they go on about the biggest sale
Or the shop around the corner of the street
That sells stylish bags

In public restrooms you always find them
Powdering their tiny, medium or almond eyes
Or brushing their golden brown or black hair
Giving each other tips
On how to not let your lips grow dry

And boys everywhere are the same
They talk about Cricket in India
And Rugby in Australia
Trying to solve the confusing riddles
Left behind with their girlfriend's perfume

Yet they are all so different
Like Mustard is from Cardamom
Like Olive oil from Peanut Butter
Same purpose, just a different flavor!


शिरीष said...

सई मस्तच आहे! शेवट्च कडव ग्रेट !
खूप आवड्ली ही कविता.
Same purpose,just a different flavor.


RagingMars said...

So very true!
U've put it together very well.. right things said in the right words :)
Good one!!

Saee said...

@ baba
This is what I get to hear everyday when I am "trying to study" at my desk. :)
@ Ameya
Kashi ahes??

Alien said...

Hi.. the idea is quite nice.. the execution... hmm needs more work probably and I think it will come out well...

Sorry for being frank...

Saee said...

@ alien..
You dont have to be "sorry" for being frank!!! Common!!
Even I thought so..but I was too bored to make it better. =|
I think I will get back to the way I used to do it in India. :)