Saturday, January 19, 2008

Come On!!! :D

It is really hot in Melbourne and it is not just the summer! :)
After a very long time, I took time out to watch back to back tennis matches today.
I always wondered what keeps guys hooked on to sports until I realized it myself when, unknowingly due to the presence of some people in my life, I took up watching tennis. 
I think a good match is THE best way to unwind. 
I am really lucky in that respect. Whenever I get a tad too emotional about life and start getting as irrational as a girl can get, they have a Grand Slam. :) I guess it has got more to do with the fact that we have one every two months. :P
Just to make it all the more pleasant, when you are in Australia and you follow sports you make a LOT of friends. 
Sports is Australian Culture!

I like Hewitt with his "Come On!s" and Djokovic going all over the court like a ping-pong ball. 
I was especially happy to see that Ms.Miroslava has put on weight ( I can't help that she is Federer's girlfriend, but at least I am fitter than her! :P)
All my respect to Ms. Mirza though, for putting up  a great fight against Venus. 

I have heard of people making "Things-to-do-before-I-die" lists. If I ever have one, being at the Wimbledon would be one of them. All complete with strawberries with cream, a hat and sunglasses! :)
Well as long as we are making wishes I think making it to Melbourne next year seems like a plausible option!! 
Go Federer!! :)


शिरीष said...

Hi Sai
I also finished watching Sania Vs Venus right now! I wonder how you have posted this within few minutes! That's Great.

I loved todays game. Sania although lost,she has won many hearts by making the game so live!

Today your favorite Federrer had a tough time but offcourse he also won. By the way the Indians also won the test mach atPerth.That was great.(I know you don't follow cricket)
How is your 'Robin'?
I am awating some interesting post.

sameer said...
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Tapan said...

sports and beer, hard but thats what you can start a conversation with. here football or american football is the one that people talk most about.