Monday, January 07, 2008


Why is it so difficult to get the right cornflakes:milk ratio first thing in the morning?
When you add cornflakes, it is too dry!
When you add milk, you need more cornflakes!


Endevourme said...

hehe..failure is first step to success...:D!!

शिरीष said...

Sai,sometimes you like cornflakes more than milk and at other times you like milk more than cornflakes.Hehe it is so simple yedu1

sameer said...

hehe..somehow this silly side of urs make me luv u much more chubby:p
we both like each other best without our intellctual skins,rght??hehe;)
anyways coming to ur question..i suggest u have a combination of banana pieces,milk n sugar...anything less or more will not alter the taste majorly..and u shall get all the required nutrients as well,wat say??luv ya;)

Saee said...

@ Endevourme
=) Rightly said. :)
@ baba
Hmmph. I guess another similar ratio is dreams: work. :)
@ sam
Thank you for the tip..hehe..but I guess waking up completely before breakfast is more of a right solution.
Love you too. :D

Tapan said...

depends on what you exactly want to eat: cornflakes or milk. once priority is decided put that one first and start pouring the second item till u cannot see the first one !

ramer...thoughts on an overdrive!! said...

the right mix...umm!!

well the right mix is for me to fill a fairly sized cup with the milk unadulterated with water.

then dump that milk into ur bowl.
next add corn flakes too such a quantity that u cant see the milk.

then start mixing the mixture until u geta soggy mixture.

the advantage is that when u sp the milk now..u get a taste that besides milk has a heavy tinge of corn flakes to that is absolutely wonderful.

now that is a perfect mixture of cornflakes!!

ramer...thoughts on an overdrive!! said...

of course...

so big deal u have to add more milk.... its only better..and if more milk, happily add more cornflakes..

Saee said...

@ Ramer
Hey!! Thanks for the comments. I did not see that you had left so many on my earlier posts. :)

ramer...thoughts on an overdrive!! said...

well i kinda got carried away!!