Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

This year I have three New Year Resolutions
1. I am not going to wear pointy bright yellow shoes to work
2. I am going to stay away from experimenting with firecrackers
3. I am not going to smoke even a single day

Now before Aai calls up my supervisor to get me kicked out of the school and Ajji rushes for her prayer beads, let me tell you why I made those kind of resolutions. :)
It is so easy to resolve to stay away from something you never do!
I love such loop holes. :D

If I really have to make a resolution, I should probably resolve to learn to take it a little easier.
As a school girl I remember one voice ringing in my ears making me get up on time, get good grades and attend my dance classes three days a week. That voice belongs to my mom.
I still hear it ringing in my ears for various reasons but now it comes from inside and it is my own voice.
There is nothing as dangerous as knowing how it feels to be able to finish a good job. It can sometimes turn you into a machine that does nothing but good jobs. :)

I would like to wish everyone a very happy resolution free new year!!


Tapan said...

resolutions !! Happy new year to you. Ive added a link to this page from my health and food one.


Alien said...

happy new year......

Saee said...

@Tapan and Alien
Happy New Year!! :)

Ameya said...

I almost imagined u in "pointy bright yellow shoes" :D hahaha!!

I like ur loophole!! :P

Raj said...

This sounds like an anti-profile :)
But I must say I admire your courage in quitting smoking. I have been trying for years :D
Happy New Year!

sameer said...

well saee ur smoking resolution got me on my toes,absolutely shocked haha;)
its a new year and not april fool u bum..anyways i've always liked the idea of a resolution free year till this time,i think i have opted to follow one resolution which might not interest u..ur resolution to take things easier is a gud thought but a tough one to follow thruout the year..but i'm sure being in a different set up is only going to help u keep ur cool.i seriously want u to shed all the accent u might have developed in australia:p...please put an effort in getting rid of it before coming here...its a major turn off for me ;)k???
HAPPY NEW YEAR sweetheart and hope to give u 2008 times more luv this year hehe:)

Saee said...

@ Ameya
Thanks sweetheart. :) Yeah I know it was about time that I gave up those shoes.
@ Raj
Yeah..I hate resolutions because I actually take them seriously!!
@ Sam
Sho Sweet @ 2008 times more. :)
Yes I promise no accents..actually to save myself from an Aussie accent, I have mysteriously developed a Brit accent here. :|
Love you too!!

Endevourme said...

hehe...till few yrs back i had this compulsiveness to be always right u know, i was so much obsessed that i must do the right things at all the times...but i think its expecting too much from ur self. almost machine like hehe then understood...surviving has more priority than being right :D

thanks for linking 'gulmohar' :D!!

Tapan said...

Thanks for putting a link to my blog..Tapan

Shruti said...

Going by your loophole, I think I should then resolve not to lose weight this year (Thank god I'm writing this on your blog and not mine - my mum does not have the URL to your website - and so I am safe from the mortal fear of her!)

शिरीष said...

Sai It is good that now you hear your own voice!

I agree with Sameer that this is not April Fool.You made me tense for a moment but the theme is great!

Nikhil K said...

Aai used to say, "Ekda pahila yaychi savay lagli ki kadhi sutat nahi". Nothing is addictive as winning. At least for Type A people like us. I often end up envying those who cruise through life not giving a damn about many many things. What won't I give to be able to take things easy? I know many many people who think the same, who once they finish with an important deadline, don't take time out but start searching for a new deadline, and hate themselves for it. So, I really like your resolution and hope you succeed and write about it too. :)

RJ said...

I can't believe you can quit smoking...as in you...for its hard for me to believe to smoke at all !!! Funny resolution that and the easiest one to keep....now why didn't I think of that....oh yeah...coz I did smoke !! LOL....but FYI I quit...been good for a while...fingers crossed..