Saturday, July 28, 2007


Just as I try to speak
Time stops in anticipation
My heart skips an odd beat
Eyes well up in exasperation
Groping for a moment
That would let me finish my words
Waiting for the torment
To pass and lift the curse
Amidst helpless heartache
She comes when she is due
When I expect her to break
She comes back all renewed
Gulp down sugar and water
Swift, sickening and sweet!
But she outshines and persists
Like a regular drum beat
Think of the dew-kissed jasmine
Or of white hermit peaks
The poetic escapes intercepted
By rhythmic, ridiculous squeaks
Eons go by without hope
It’s easy to leave her alone
Just as I get used to her
I realize that she is gone
Then there is nothing to fuss over
Like a piece of gum or snuff
She leaves a bittersweet longing
The harmless, wicked Hiccup!


shirish said...

Oh no!Finally it was the wicked hiccup!

I was thinking of agony,pain or any such rekated abstract idea.

The poem suits for such idea also.

म्रराठीत ही कविता कुठल्या प्रकरात मोडेल?

jay said...

its truly wicked...but if someone is thinking of you (as they usually say)it makes the day! :)