Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Writer's Song

It is just a story after all
That they all read with Impassive Eyes
Giving crooked smiles at the funny parts
mock, criticize and sympathize!

Sometimes it inspires them
at times it gets sickening and sad
They put their hands together on the jokes
and label some parts awfully bad

They talk about it at dinner parties
with sparkling eyes; scandalized!
The Gossipers get it dramatized
and the Rationals have it rationalized.

They talk about it to show off
Their bigger Hearts or sharper Brains
The poets call it tender and poignant
A sky full of silent Rains!

They turn a few pages and speculate
What would happen after ninety eight
And bet furiously slapping their thighs
choking themselves on wine and cake

It's just a story after all
But it's written a Page a Day
Taking care to muffle the Tears
and keep all the weakness away

It's read and reviewed extensively
With Egos floating outside Care
It is rated and discussed for Excellence
An Applause here and a Lashing there

They all are free to Get Bored
To Predict and to Analyze
But the writers cannot choose their plots
Express freely or accessorize

They cannot Edit what they wrote
Or make a Draft for a Future Event
Stuck with a panel of Expert Jury
They only write their Urgent Present

We all get one Book to write
and They laugh at every trip and fall
But then they must have Invisible Pulitzers
For it's a Story after all!!


Mandar Gadre said...

Liked it :) You have written something meaningful, in a beautiful way, without using any big bulky words. It reaches.

The part about we all getting a book to write - so true .. and I think we ourselves are the ultimate critics too! May you get your own Pulitzer :D

Saee said...

LOL..thanks..but I guess I am too fastidious to give myself an award. :)

intendo said...

i am curious to know the inspiration behind this poem...

Saee said...

LOL..wrong question sukhbir!! :)
It came out of a sandstorm in my heart! :P
Now if you excuse my overtly senti metaphor, its just a bit of looking around!

shirish said...

Just fantastic!
A very very mature blog.

The Writers Song is a compexprocess.

RagingMars said...

Awesome!! fanatastic!!
Keep rocking!