Saturday, July 14, 2007

The World as Seen by a Dragonfly

It's always what it meets the Eye
The world as seen by a Dragonfly
As I straighten the sheets off the wrinkles I find
I wonder if I could just straighten my mind?

Look at the world from a Butterfly's view
Just the Flowers shivering with tender dew
Look at a face as Eyes and Nose
Seeing through the tear that flows

Walk barefoot on the Rain soaked Grass
and let the easy Lizard Moments pass
Look at the Birds on their Mossy Throne
Under the Sky that is always Alone

Grateful that I just AM..
Right Now, as a part of this Plan
Driving away Confusion and Care
On the periphery of Silent Despair

It's always what it meets the Eye
The World as seen by a Dragonfly!


jay said...

saee! this is awesome..this is definitely in my list of top 5! :)

Alien said...

Really nice.. I like the way you put it!! and thanks for dropping by!

Can I add a link to your blog on my page?

Btw how did you find my blog?

Saee said...

Thanks.. :)

yes you can add this link on your page..and charu told me about your blog..the guy who takes awesome pictures and never opens a conversation without an argument. :)

Alien said...

Oh ok... so I know we know!! i was using my sitemeter to check where I got the hits on my page from...

u n charu schoolmates?

Alien said...

hmm .. or is it class of 99 abhinav?

i aint it snooping!! this is the power of google ... ;-)

Saee said...

Oh jeez..:)
I know charu from one of my class of '99 friends..I havent met him..but like you makes world a very small place. :)