Tuesday, July 17, 2007

July 17th

Don’t judge me by what I write
For all you know I just might
Turn over to the other side
And still sound like I am right

On some days I may tell you
That I am tired of being so persistently blue
And on some, so delirious with joy
That I will get sick of it too

Don’t love me because I hurt
Or I am lost in a maze without a clue
Don’t try to pull me out of it
For I just might hurt you too!

There is no dependable woman in me
That you seek so religiously
In every girl stepping over
Into her foremothers’ legacy

I can sense your dislike for me
As my thoughts gently disperse
But there is nothing I can really offer
Except this transient, capricious verse


Alien said...

Very nicely put...!!! do we relate that to reality too?? ;-)

Saee said...

LOL..please read the first verse all over again if you think that way. :P

shirish said...

The gratest virtue is to accept one as he or she is.If you get joyful moments you have to share the sorrows because evrything in the world has two sides good and bad pretty and ugly,black and white.
It is better you accept the duality because it is the reality.

This is a hardcore practicle thought. I like it.